Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bear beats

The 2 bears are Joe Goddard of hot chip and Raf Rundell and together they make wierd electronic bass music. Their first release, the Follow the Bear EP, on Southern Fried records was a lot more clear cut in terms of genre; strong old school house vibes with a hot chip-esque twist, personal highlights were the cover of Sade's When am I going to make a living and Mercy time which sounded like Mr Scruff making house with Raf's pitched down vocals chugging over the top. On Monday their 2nd EP, the Curious Nature EP, dropped and it's more old school house vibes and a cover; Fun Boy Three's The lunatics (have taken over the asylum) giving it their own twist. Personally I prefered the Sade cover, but that's just me. My personal highlight of the EP is Church; the 2 bears meets Joe Goddard's uk funky influences (check his solo album); Funky beat + Steal drums + Raf's vocals = prime time dancefloor gyal grinding, seriously if that tune doesn't get you laid, there's no helping you. Check this video of some of the parts from Church being recorded with a little help from the Red Bull music academy. Also worth checking out is the 2 bears website, there's bear (whey) mixes and ting and you can buy the release on vinyl here or digital here. Alternatively you can download the dub mix for free
The 2 Bears - Church (Dub mix)
The 2 Bears: Curious Nature EP by Southern Fried Records

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