Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Deeeeejaaaaaayyyy boooooookkkkkk boooooookkkkkk

Bok Bok vs XLR8R
XLR8R mixes are consistently awesome; uploaded yesterday Bok Bok's mix is also bloody good, nothing new there. Highlights include the Ramadanman and S-X mash up: Woo Glut which is currently my favourite, but Martelo's edit of Fis-T's night hunter and Wookie's  down on me is slowly catching up. I could continue to list its selling points or you could just go listen to the mix, download it, replay and obsess over it. 
This mix happens to co-incide with another white label Night Slugs release. Side A is Ikonika's ghetto tech-esque remix of hoes come out at night; Cubic Zirconia's rampaging dancefloor destroyer. Side B sees Bok Bok and Nick Hook of Cubic Zirconia going a little deeper with Reclash. Really limited copies of these so make up your mind fast. Get it here 

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