Thursday, 14 October 2010

Free tunes?

Apologies to Dean of the Bridgwater Reggae Soundsystem, I'm about to link one of his faves, but I haffi; it's too good not to share the love. Aries is a bass music producer of a pretty decent calibre. His DJing CV is impressive to say the least; extensive touring throughout Europe, along with festivals and dates in the US and Canada. His discography is pretty extensive as well. Essentially this guy's been round the block. There are a lot of hold the line remixes out there, but this one just about tops the pile (along with the Skream remix) Aries has nicely decided to give this one out for free as well so, uh, go cop dat. If you wanna keep up to date with the mans manouvers check his pretty snazzy website

JTRP are two guys called Philip and Jorge. They're signed to Deep Teknologi (The next release on the imprint is their's!) which ought to give you a bit of a heads up about how good this tune's gonna be. The original tune is pretty fresh itself; the NGUZUNGUZU Mirage EP came out on the 11th of October. JTRP strip back all hectic tribal hits, keeping ghostly vocal snatches, snippets of the main synth hook and put in their own garage beat with a lot of bass. The result is a winner, go download it; it's free!

Paul Marmota
Meant to blog about this guy for a little while; his tunes are pure tropical FYAHHH! Essentially go google Paul Matmota and click on a few links, it's all good believe me. This is the latest piece from the Chilean producer that he's just stuck up fi download. As soon as the gameboy synths kick in over those marching snares you'll be hitting download so fast it'll make your eyes spin. 

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