Wednesday, 6 October 2010

UK Hip Hop/Grime

I've posted a lot of bass music on here so far, but going through my mp3 player yesterday I realised that half the content was hip hop; and most of that was from the US. So I'd like to take a second (just sit right there) to showcase my favourite UK lyricists. Also a quick note to give massive props to the Better never than late blog, without which I wouldn't know of any of these artists. Seriously check it out, it's one of the sickest blogs out there.
Mystro is someone I really don't know that much about, although reading through his wikipedia page it seems like he's done a lot in the 12 years he's been around for the scene. Having watched some of his videos on youtube, he also seems like quite a nice guy, something that to me, isn't a usual characteristic of many UK MCs. His lyrics are witty, intelligent flows that delve a little deeper than guns, bitches and bling. He's just had a new EP out in September called the Digmund Freud EP (Go get that off itunes HERE), the video below is my favourite tune off the release. You can catch Mystro live in various venues all around London in the next 2 months, OR if you live in somerset (like I used to) you can catch him playing at club Soho in Yeovil this friday (the 8th) along with Skepta and Mz Bratts according to their twitter page. And if that wasn't enough, he's also playing the saturday after. 

Of what I've heard of Trim he's easily one of my favourite grime MCs, and definitly one of the most under rated. The Ex Roll-Deep member has been spitting solid bars for about 8 years now. The above video is Trim on a Blackdown and Dusk track circa 2007. It's called the bits and is one of Trim's more famous pieces. The video itself is also worth a mention; it was created by Jonathan Howells for the recent Dusk and Blackdown tour and is part of 5 videos all of which you oughta peep on the fact mag blog. The below video is a sneaky bit of bass music coming from James Blake's alter ego Harmonimix which ties in nicely; STRIKE A POSE

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