Friday, 15 October 2010

Warrior One

King Pigeon EP
Warrior One will look back on this month as a pretty successful one in times to come; a release on Dre Skull's label Mixpak called Lord of the bashy (go check the Doc Daneeka Militia 2 step remix fi som fyah!) and also the King Pigeon EP on their own label uhh King Pigeon. I've been waiting on the King Pigeon EP for some time, ever since their release party back in may actually. Those of you who heard the Bad like Jimmy Cliff Ep will know how big this release is going to be. The four track release is actually a little different to their last; a good example is the third track "I don't need you"; a classic warrior one syncopated drum beat with Martyn-esque stabs over the top. Warrior One have kindly decided to give out a track from the release fo' free; Together Forever is a cacophony of rave pianos, diva vocals and that warrior one bass sound. Direct link here. Cop the release when it drops later this month. Also, check out my snazzy new title graphic! Big ups to James at Get down or die fi linking me up.

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