Monday, 29 November 2010


I blogged about him a few weeks ago and now the man from Italy has put together a wee mix for us to celebrate his release (out now) on Soupu music and also to kick off our mix series, with style may I add. The mix is half an hour of various bass strains ranging from deep clicky bizniz up to 2 step, bashment and funky, featuring tunes and dubplates by Meze, Sunship, Scratcha DVA and of course a few from Butintheweekend himself. Stream it on mixcloud or download it here through mediafire. Don't forget to pick up his EP available through all good online outlets and keep your eyes peeled for the next mix

Saturday, 27 November 2010


Had a bit of a burnout; too much filming, too much trooping around leeds trying to find the new Doldrums 12"s, too much eating crap food. So in the last few days here are some things I found and didn't blog immediately. 

James Blake, yaddah yaddah, post dubstep (worst name since future garage), yaddah yaddah R&S, yaddah yaddah vocalist; It's all been said so I'm not doing a bio for him. Instead you should check out this SWEET eLDOKO remix of CMYK. eLDOKO keeps the anthemic Kelis lines and chops up everything else apart from those opening keys which are looped in the background before laying it all over a really nice warm tech house beat. GET THIS IN YOUR LIFE

Next up Buckmaster gives a ghetto-tech flavour to I'll stay. Something about those little bloops amidst the claps sounds really right. Check the man's soundcloud fi more bass versatility

Finally we've got the 18 year old Darling Farah on a remix of Don't you think I do. The remix manages to to make the track sound more cohesive and less jumpy by chopping up all the vocals, pianos and various clicks and beeps. Gone are those sudden jumpy synth noises and in come really nice little hooks over a cacophony of rhythmic claps and slaps. Also worth checking out is this guys remix of Carry the  Weight, originally by Machinedrum

Last night Brenmar uploaded another free download to his soundcloud page; this time it's a remix of (not the dubstep producer) Gatekeeper's Serpant, on a bit of a castlemania tip. 

Last but definitely not least we've got a hot waist winding moombahton riddim from Leeds based producer Jera. Chunky percussion rides some serious beepin' and squeekin' Check out his soundcloud fi full versatility (jus saying jungle dub and Another one are really really big)

Check back tomorrow when we'll have the first in our mix series coming from Butintheweekend (PS it's really really good.)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hip Hop

Woke up at 1 today still very much pissed so it's been a day of laid back hip hop
Just saw this over at the Chrome Kid's site (hold tight Chrome Kids) DJ Vadim has started a new project called The Electric Sound Company with the soulful Sabira Jade and the lyrically talented Pugs Atomz. The below video is for their first single dropping next month and you can cop the entire package (including a few remixes) from the Organically Grown Sounds site on the 5th of December
This next guys insanely talented; Well built left field beats are graced with deep thought provoking lyrics and stories; sometimes sung sometimes delivered spoken word style. Ghostpoet is signed to Brownswood recordings (one of the most underrated labels) and has an album out february next year that you'll do well to watch out for. Below are some of my favourite bits from him, definitely all about Love Confusion. Plus I found this on his blog
POW! Get his music inside of you

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Night slugs takeover feat. Kingdom

That's the night I'm going to tonight (come if you live in Leeds!) and so to get in the mood all I've been doing is listening to Kingdom tunes (all time fave in the video above). In doing so I rediscovered one of my faves and then found out that XLR8R gave it away fo' free last year. Kingdom's remix of Marcus Price & Carli's tune "Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed" is 3 minutes of pure FYAH! Booming kicks, wierd whistles noises, alien vocals (seriously) a classic diva sample and a lot of bass. Get this one in you

Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed (Kingdom remix) - Marcus Price & Carli

If you're unfortunate enough not to live in Leeds, I've included a recent live Kingdom mix so you can close your eyes, turn it up real loud and pretend you're there

01. Kingdom – Mind Reader ft. Shyvonne (Bok Bok Remix)
02. Brackles & Shortstuff – Pipey D
03. EMZ – Basssss
04. DJ Bigga – Boeke Anthem
05. Soha – Izabelle
06. Egyptrixx – Everybody Bleeding (Kingdom Remix)
07. Vjuan Allure – Intensified
08. Mike Q – Kunt Remix
09. DJ Small – Limp By Limp
10. DJ Parra – El Tribal Rapido y Furioso
11. Roska – I Need Love (ft. Anesha)
12. Mikix The Cat – The Key (Kingdom Remix)
13. Girl Unit – I.R.L.
14. Ikonika – Idiot
15. Davinche – Phaze
16. OMG Michelle – You Don’t Know Michelle (Prod. Kingdom)
17. 8 Ball & MJG – Dont Make (Prod. Bangladesh)
18. Bitch Ass Darius – Ride
18. Kill Frenzy – Finna Get On Da Flo
19. TOK – Good Like Gold
20. DJ Rashad – Juke It From Behind (ft. Gant-Man)

And if that's not enough, go check this insane 3 hour back to back session involving Kingdom, Nguzunguzu and Total Freedom

Monday, 22 November 2010

Woke up feeling generous...

Sooooo here are some free downloads that i think are pretty cool. The first one is offered up by didz and co and it's an old school jungle rerub of jus be good 2 me by Beats International; taking the original vocals and laying them over some pretty hefty sub action and some eerie synths. This is jaaaaam hot

Next up on the agenda is this nice garage rework of Hyetal and Sines' tune Harvest. Sines, on the buttons for this one, has kept the original synths (you're not exactly going to delete a Hyetal synth are you?) chopping them up, adding a rising bassline and some snappy breakbeats.

 And finally something a bit heavier off the XLR8R blog; Superisk is the latest dubstep product from bristol; last month saw his release of his debut single Find your way on Punch Drunk and today he's nicely given away a VIP version. Flipped from an eyes down roller to big room filler; layers of fuzz are added and the bassline has been given an increased sense of urgency.
Find your way VIP - Superisk

Just noticed there's a fahkin free Cooly G tune up on the hyponik blog as well. Get it in you!
Cooly G - Cali by Hyponik

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dreamy Disco

Occasionally you find music that you just like, you can't really explain. Something strikes a chord and that's it, you're listening to the same song over and over for days. About a week ago I found this production duo who go by the name of Teengirl Fantasy, they make kind of woozy RnB disco slo house jams. I'm very aware that made very little sense, but just listen and you'll understand. The best bit about this whole post is that both the tunes that are awesome are available as a free download and as a bonus bonus, there's a remix by moleskin favourite Brenmar. Sweeeeeeet. Teengirl fantasy had an album out in september called 7am, you should probably go buy it.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Here's the deal

Today you're getting huge news in the form of a video and then I'm gonna go ahead an unleash some free shit on y'all! The alps is a song by Braiden that has been haunting just about everyone since early on this year. When's it going to be released, blah blah blah? In two days. oh. cool.
Joy Orbison's Doldrums label offering up the goods with a limited 12" release with a Kassem Mosse remix on the flip (sent over from the nighttime world) dropping on the 22nd of this month. Also if you've seen a promo photo of a producer from the house scene in the UK, there's a good chance Steve Braiden took it. Seriously, check his website. If you like what you hear and you want more Braiden I'd recommend checking out his 100% production mix for Mary Anne Hobbs for more of what's to come...
Next up: the free stuff, this time coming courtesy of the witty Simon/off; 3 tunes of the broken beat variety all tied together by tiny jazz samples. First up we've got the deep rumbler that is No turning back; blending elements of broken beat, techno and house into a 5 minute eyes down number which comes complete with ghostly vocals and a nice lounge jazz sample. Next up is the dubstep flavoured low key affair that is Perfect consuming feat. Annie Leonard; twinkly piano keys and guitar notes swirl and glide over a really nice low whirring sub. Support on this one coming from Hypno and Hush House favourite Vandera. And finally we have Bilals Echo; My personal favourite. Car chase style Brukkisive broken beats gallop over some really driving subs while chopped up vocals, bleeps and an occasional piano sample resonate in the spaces inbetween. This guys got a pretty big list of forthcoming releases, I pretty much recommend checking it out for yourself on his soundcloud (his back-catalogue doesn't read too badly either) and keeping your eyes peeled.
Simon/off - No Turning Back [elevate004] by simon/off
Simon/off - Perfect Consuming feat. Annie Leonard by simon/off
Simon/off - Bilals Echo [elevate003] by simon/off

inna di dancehall

It still mystifies me as to why there aren't more dancehall nights in the UK but there are endless funky nights? People! Wise up! Thankfully Terror Danjah is on hand to help educate, stick it through ya system and wind up yuh waist
Terror Danjah In The Mix old Skool Dancehall by terrordanjah
And then here is a more up to date mix from my fellow soundbwoy from the mighty Bridgwater Reggae Soundsystem AKA the Dub Pikey AKA THE DEAN CRAGO. Hit that download button and get it in your life
Dancehall We deya.. [Dub Pikey - TOXICRAGGAJERKMILITANT - Free Download] by TheBRSS

Friday, 19 November 2010

This is Jungle music

Dem man Aries (check the previous post fi bio) coming correct again with a hot slab of jungle FYAH! Released today through friendly fire music; sweet ragga vocals mount the cleanest Amen sounds you'll hear in a while. Pretty much impossible not to move throughout this one, so if yuh like it get it here

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Some bits and pieces

Ez now thought I'd post up a few treats before i go out to the FREE UFFIE GIG! First up is this 6 minute space age heartbreaker from 21 year old Canadian Jacques Greene. Keep your eyes peeled for this one FINALLY dropping in the form of split white label on Night Slugs with Optimum's Broken Embrace on the flip at the end of this month.

Next up we've got a Mumdance instrumental to give away to generate a bit of hype for his release on No Hats No Hoods later this month, which judging by the title on the picture (TRIM AND JAMMER?!) above is going to be A LOT! Mumdance percussion bubbles away with some ridiculous bass tones and added gunshots HARDCORE! Cop it off the soundcloud player and hold tight for the release on the 29th of November

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I know really little about this guy; I heard Intriga in Brenmar's XLR8R mix (Go cop it!) yesterday and thought it was fire. He's had two releases out this year on spanish labels Corsario Digital and Disboot respectively, his sound is a mixture of various tropical genres soundclashing with Uk influences and he currently plays with the B.LOW crew in Barcelona. Judging by some of their flyers, it looks like the biggest and best dubstep night in Barcelona. I thought I'd post up a collection of riddims and free downloads that perked my interest. First up Intriga (forthcoming on Alto Bajo records); coming on like some funky future grime; eskibeat string noises and bulbous bass sounds take you back a few years while machine gun clap rolls rattle away amongst a waist windin' funky beat. Next up Winter Holiday brings some dubstep flavas with pummelling african percussion which bounce off some pretty hefty sub bass while lush airy synths work away in the middle ground. The third track is called let it go and it's like Burial moved to LA and started making beats with flying lotus; the words let it go hover eerily amongst other background noises while an 8 bit wonked out synth works its way around the head nodding hip hop kick. Last up is the CRUSHING dubstep rerub of Das Nevez's track biohazard. Cut up vocals samples, weird clicks and that punchy snare are something you notice on the 4th or 5th listen; as soon as that bass drops you'll think of nothing else. Download the tracks, show Neuhuen some love on his soundcloud and keep your eyes peeled for Intriga.
Nehuen-intriga by nehuen
Nehuen-Winter holidays by nehuen
Nehuen- Let it go by nehuen
Das nevez-biohazard (nehuen remix) by nehuen

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Thank you Greymatter

Quick shout out to Klic for bringing this to my attention; Greymatter has decided, for a limited time, to give out the remix package of his album Mind over Matter fo'free. Pretty sweet deal as it's bass music at it's best, as proved by the support list. There's an Altered Natives remix, a Mr Lager remix, a Milyoo remix, a Klic remix and a Throwing Snow remix and they all bring something great to the table. So far my favourites are the Klic and Altered Natives remixes great vibes on both. Regardless go pick'em all up for free here and quick!

That guy OH MY!

OH MY! AKA Matt Yerman AKA that guy that made that incredible James Brown Bootleg (see here) is releasing a free EP! Sweeeeet. Same fun loving vibes; two tracks of Jacking fidgetty goodness; beeps, bloops and bass squelches a plenty. Cop'em both below and keep an eye out for his remix of Andru Pozzatron's Get On Up dropping on the 22nd of November

Matt also does some pretty sweet design work (Check the above and Squeegie blog logo for proof) here's a website that has all his designs in one neat package

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Brooklyn based Brenmar makes "club music for the present" which is a pretty accurate description considering the popularity of the various bass hybrid sounds. There's been a lot of hype been building about this man, not helping is the interview and mix for Dazed Digital or the countless excellent free tunes off his soundcloud. All this hype has been building towards the EP set for release on Discobelle Records on the 23rd of this month entitled At it again. At this point I'd like to be able to say "we caught up with Brenmar earlier to see what he's saying" but it just wouldn't be true, so instead here are my favourite Brenmar tracks for you to download and enjoy. Keep an eye out for future EPs with moleskin favourites Dubbel Dutch and Nguzunguzu. And finally have a look at his flickr account for some photos he took on tour. Hit them down facing arrows on the soundcloud players on the right to download. FYAH!
Cassie - Me & U (Brenmar remix) by BRENMAR
Back Beating by BRENMAR
Kicked Beneath Too by BRENMAR

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Another free C.R.S.T bit

Those boys from South Wales must never sleep! This time it's Kele Okereke (of Bloc Party fame) getting the remix treatment; Kele's distorted vocals are chopped up and offered over some neck snapping 2 step breaks and chord stabs. All about the funky, bass bumping change up on the second drop. Props to C.R.S.T for the free download

Friday, 12 November 2010

Getting a new follower on soundcloud is amazing, it's like christmas comes early; Checking out all their tunes and thinking bloody hell this ones actually quite good. And there's always a chance of the mystery extra follower being a producer you really like and respect. Last week someone called butintheweekend started following me. One of his tunes was called Tropico; I couldn't go wrong; a stripped back UK funky track grooves with whistles, nice dusty organ stabs and bass; a nice blend of deep house and UK funky vibes, and apparently I'm not the only to likes it; Scratcha gave it a spin on Rinse last week. After getting in contact I was told he had an EP out next month on soupu music and he was handing out a cut from the release for free = STOKED. It's not right is his intricate bootleg of Whitney Houstons' track of the same name - African percussion bubbles under some deep house pads while Whitney's voice works its magic. Go cop dat off the soundcloud player and keep an eye out for the rest of the EP dropping on the 5th of december
Tropico by butintheweekend
ButInTheWeekend_It's not right by Soupu Music

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Some free shit.

Bit of a lull in posting this weekend; Uni work has finally kicked in but here's some free tunes to make up for it.
This one just popped up on the XLR8R blog; C.R.S.T coming correct again with some soulful 2 step bizniz; all about the second drop on this one. Christ knows why it didn't make the release for No Hats No Hoods, but remember to pick up the forthcoming release on the aforementioned label anyway; vinyl dropping 15th of november and digital coming 2 weeks later. Also, while I was snoozing last night C.R.S.T, upped another free download to their soundcloud GET IT DOWN YOUR BANDWIDTH

This next one I first head on Girl Unit's mix for Numbers (essential listening) and it's pretty hot; Dubbel Dutch adding some pretty tuff drums to the original which evolves nicely into a soca riddim that bounces off some super clean sub bass whirrs while Ciara's vocals remain pretty much intact - if it ain't broke don't fix it. Also upped is the Nguzunguzu remix; deep baltimore breaks bounce while Ciara's ghostly vocals ride shotgun. If you're not sure who Nguzunguzu are check the video below and start worshipping


Monday, 8 November 2010

Some tunes I'm feeling right now

These are all of a garage/2 step variety. Something in there for everything; whether it's the lazy sunday Groove Chronicles sounding Tonight by Jamie Grind or the dancefloor jungle infused shredder that is Darling by Cairo; the jazzy swinger that is Love Hangover by Walton or the bass monster that is the SMW edit of James Blake's I'll stay. Each is brilliantly diverse and has a nice innovative twist that characterises what i love about electronic dance music. Keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming bits from Walton, Cairo and Jamie Grind in the next year and you can catch Jamie Grind playing at Tropical this wednesday at the Wire club in Leeds. And finally go peep SMW's blog for loads of free tunes and generally really good craic.
Tonight by Jamie Grind
Darling by Cairo
Love Hangover by Walton.
James Blake - I'll Stay (SMW Remix) by SMW

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

If you live in London...

...I'd go to this.  I'm pretty beat up that i can't go. They're giving away goodies for christs sake! Night Slugs celebrate the release of Girl Unit's WUT EP tomorrow night at BM Soho with Bok Bok, Girl Unit and Jam City live in the mix. More details on the facebook event. PS free cider.
If you don't live in London you can catch Girl Unit next wednesday at Tropical at the Wire in Leeds. There's even a competition for a pair of tickets; all you need to do is email this guy the answer to this question: 
What does Girl Unit stand for? 
First person to give the right answer wins. See you in the dance.

Some reet good riddims

Greenmoney started a label and for their first release they're going to put out two Mistamen (Check the earlier post if you are experiencing a WHO? moment) tunes out. And they're including a C.R.S.T remix which is also pretty fahkin good. What you do to me is a brukkisive house tune with some pretty banging synths and a township funk style hook. Next up Hold on is a 4x4 tune a la Todd Edwards with some lush pads. The C.R.S.T remix of what you do to me switches things up into 2 step mode; chopping up the vocals and hooks into single stabs and rounding the release off nicely. The official release is on the 13th of December but you can cop the download from Juno Download exclusively from the 6th. There'll also be a limited vinyl press so don't sleep

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

That's the Keysound

New bit being released this month on Keysound Recordings (Dusk + Blackdown's label) and it's another EP from the seven deep LHF Collective; comprised of No Fixed AbodeDouble Helix, Low Density Matter, Amen Ra, Soular manOctaviour and Escobar but on this EP, The line path, it's just Amen Ra and Double helix representing. Double Helix's first contribution; Chamber of light, treads the line between early dubstep and grime circa the first half of this decade while the second tune; Bass 2 Dark, comes on like Geeneus's Congo from Tempa allstars volume 2. If you didn't know all of the collective lived in London, you'd swear Amen Ra came from Bristol and was called Hyetal; bumbling basslines swims under a whole batch of "purple" synth sounds and squeeks. You can (try) find more about LHF on this here facebook group also worth a peek is this interview with the group on FACT, and their mix for FACT, built up entirely from LHF dubs. Keep your eyes glued to the Dusk & Blackdown blog for the release.