Sunday, 14 November 2010


Brooklyn based Brenmar makes "club music for the present" which is a pretty accurate description considering the popularity of the various bass hybrid sounds. There's been a lot of hype been building about this man, not helping is the interview and mix for Dazed Digital or the countless excellent free tunes off his soundcloud. All this hype has been building towards the EP set for release on Discobelle Records on the 23rd of this month entitled At it again. At this point I'd like to be able to say "we caught up with Brenmar earlier to see what he's saying" but it just wouldn't be true, so instead here are my favourite Brenmar tracks for you to download and enjoy. Keep an eye out for future EPs with moleskin favourites Dubbel Dutch and Nguzunguzu. And finally have a look at his flickr account for some photos he took on tour. Hit them down facing arrows on the soundcloud players on the right to download. FYAH!
Cassie - Me & U (Brenmar remix) by BRENMAR
Back Beating by BRENMAR
Kicked Beneath Too by BRENMAR

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