Saturday, 27 November 2010


Had a bit of a burnout; too much filming, too much trooping around leeds trying to find the new Doldrums 12"s, too much eating crap food. So in the last few days here are some things I found and didn't blog immediately. 

James Blake, yaddah yaddah, post dubstep (worst name since future garage), yaddah yaddah R&S, yaddah yaddah vocalist; It's all been said so I'm not doing a bio for him. Instead you should check out this SWEET eLDOKO remix of CMYK. eLDOKO keeps the anthemic Kelis lines and chops up everything else apart from those opening keys which are looped in the background before laying it all over a really nice warm tech house beat. GET THIS IN YOUR LIFE

Next up Buckmaster gives a ghetto-tech flavour to I'll stay. Something about those little bloops amidst the claps sounds really right. Check the man's soundcloud fi more bass versatility

Finally we've got the 18 year old Darling Farah on a remix of Don't you think I do. The remix manages to to make the track sound more cohesive and less jumpy by chopping up all the vocals, pianos and various clicks and beeps. Gone are those sudden jumpy synth noises and in come really nice little hooks over a cacophony of rhythmic claps and slaps. Also worth checking out is this guys remix of Carry the  Weight, originally by Machinedrum

Last night Brenmar uploaded another free download to his soundcloud page; this time it's a remix of (not the dubstep producer) Gatekeeper's Serpant, on a bit of a castlemania tip. 

Last but definitely not least we've got a hot waist winding moombahton riddim from Leeds based producer Jera. Chunky percussion rides some serious beepin' and squeekin' Check out his soundcloud fi full versatility (jus saying jungle dub and Another one are really really big)

Check back tomorrow when we'll have the first in our mix series coming from Butintheweekend (PS it's really really good.)

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