Saturday, 20 November 2010

Here's the deal

Today you're getting huge news in the form of a video and then I'm gonna go ahead an unleash some free shit on y'all! The alps is a song by Braiden that has been haunting just about everyone since early on this year. When's it going to be released, blah blah blah? In two days. oh. cool.
Joy Orbison's Doldrums label offering up the goods with a limited 12" release with a Kassem Mosse remix on the flip (sent over from the nighttime world) dropping on the 22nd of this month. Also if you've seen a promo photo of a producer from the house scene in the UK, there's a good chance Steve Braiden took it. Seriously, check his website. If you like what you hear and you want more Braiden I'd recommend checking out his 100% production mix for Mary Anne Hobbs for more of what's to come...
Next up: the free stuff, this time coming courtesy of the witty Simon/off; 3 tunes of the broken beat variety all tied together by tiny jazz samples. First up we've got the deep rumbler that is No turning back; blending elements of broken beat, techno and house into a 5 minute eyes down number which comes complete with ghostly vocals and a nice lounge jazz sample. Next up is the dubstep flavoured low key affair that is Perfect consuming feat. Annie Leonard; twinkly piano keys and guitar notes swirl and glide over a really nice low whirring sub. Support on this one coming from Hypno and Hush House favourite Vandera. And finally we have Bilals Echo; My personal favourite. Car chase style Brukkisive broken beats gallop over some really driving subs while chopped up vocals, bleeps and an occasional piano sample resonate in the spaces inbetween. This guys got a pretty big list of forthcoming releases, I pretty much recommend checking it out for yourself on his soundcloud (his back-catalogue doesn't read too badly either) and keeping your eyes peeled.
Simon/off - No Turning Back [elevate004] by simon/off
Simon/off - Perfect Consuming feat. Annie Leonard by simon/off
Simon/off - Bilals Echo [elevate003] by simon/off

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