Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hip Hop

Woke up at 1 today still very much pissed so it's been a day of laid back hip hop
Just saw this over at the Chrome Kid's site (hold tight Chrome Kids) DJ Vadim has started a new project called The Electric Sound Company with the soulful Sabira Jade and the lyrically talented Pugs Atomz. The below video is for their first single dropping next month and you can cop the entire package (including a few remixes) from the Organically Grown Sounds site on the 5th of December
This next guys insanely talented; Well built left field beats are graced with deep thought provoking lyrics and stories; sometimes sung sometimes delivered spoken word style. Ghostpoet is signed to Brownswood recordings (one of the most underrated labels) and has an album out february next year that you'll do well to watch out for. Below are some of my favourite bits from him, definitely all about Love Confusion. Plus I found this on his blog
POW! Get his music inside of you

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