Saturday, 20 November 2010

inna di dancehall

It still mystifies me as to why there aren't more dancehall nights in the UK but there are endless funky nights? People! Wise up! Thankfully Terror Danjah is on hand to help educate, stick it through ya system and wind up yuh waist
Terror Danjah In The Mix old Skool Dancehall by terrordanjah
And then here is a more up to date mix from my fellow soundbwoy from the mighty Bridgwater Reggae Soundsystem AKA the Dub Pikey AKA THE DEAN CRAGO. Hit that download button and get it in your life
Dancehall We deya.. [Dub Pikey - TOXICRAGGAJERKMILITANT - Free Download] by TheBRSS

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