Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I know really little about this guy; I heard Intriga in Brenmar's XLR8R mix (Go cop it!) yesterday and thought it was fire. He's had two releases out this year on spanish labels Corsario Digital and Disboot respectively, his sound is a mixture of various tropical genres soundclashing with Uk influences and he currently plays with the B.LOW crew in Barcelona. Judging by some of their flyers, it looks like the biggest and best dubstep night in Barcelona. I thought I'd post up a collection of riddims and free downloads that perked my interest. First up Intriga (forthcoming on Alto Bajo records); coming on like some funky future grime; eskibeat string noises and bulbous bass sounds take you back a few years while machine gun clap rolls rattle away amongst a waist windin' funky beat. Next up Winter Holiday brings some dubstep flavas with pummelling african percussion which bounce off some pretty hefty sub bass while lush airy synths work away in the middle ground. The third track is called let it go and it's like Burial moved to LA and started making beats with flying lotus; the words let it go hover eerily amongst other background noises while an 8 bit wonked out synth works its way around the head nodding hip hop kick. Last up is the CRUSHING dubstep rerub of Das Nevez's track biohazard. Cut up vocals samples, weird clicks and that punchy snare are something you notice on the 4th or 5th listen; as soon as that bass drops you'll think of nothing else. Download the tracks, show Neuhuen some love on his soundcloud and keep your eyes peeled for Intriga.
Nehuen-intriga by nehuen
Nehuen-Winter holidays by nehuen
Nehuen- Let it go by nehuen
Das nevez-biohazard (nehuen remix) by nehuen

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