Monday, 22 November 2010

Woke up feeling generous...

Sooooo here are some free downloads that i think are pretty cool. The first one is offered up by didz and co and it's an old school jungle rerub of jus be good 2 me by Beats International; taking the original vocals and laying them over some pretty hefty sub action and some eerie synths. This is jaaaaam hot

Next up on the agenda is this nice garage rework of Hyetal and Sines' tune Harvest. Sines, on the buttons for this one, has kept the original synths (you're not exactly going to delete a Hyetal synth are you?) chopping them up, adding a rising bassline and some snappy breakbeats.

 And finally something a bit heavier off the XLR8R blog; Superisk is the latest dubstep product from bristol; last month saw his release of his debut single Find your way on Punch Drunk and today he's nicely given away a VIP version. Flipped from an eyes down roller to big room filler; layers of fuzz are added and the bassline has been given an increased sense of urgency.
Find your way VIP - Superisk

Just noticed there's a fahkin free Cooly G tune up on the hyponik blog as well. Get it in you!
Cooly G - Cali by Hyponik