Monday, 6 December 2010


Just noticed that the dubstep documentary Bassweight is being streamed over at the Pitchfork sight. It's only being streamed for a week so I'd get over there and watch it. It's described by Mary Anne Hobbs as 
"A beautiful snapshot of a fledgling scene.. a scene that that would ultimately change the world of dance music forever.. you can feel the energy and the momentum in every frame.. "
It shows the scene's growth and it's importance world wide, with scenes being shot in Brazil, Holland, Japan and obviously the UK, along with interviews from producers and promoters across the world. I've watched a few dubstep docs. but this one's the best; a large part of that, I feel, is down to the creators The SRK who have put a lot of time into it looking nice so it's easy to enjoy as a film as well as a documentary; It's very easy to make a documentary that is only interesting to watch if you're into what's being shown. So set aside some time this week (it's a feature length) and go watch it here. You should also check out some the SRK's other films including documentaries on graffiti in Asia, a celebration of African football on the run up to the world cup just gone and Japanease hip hop culture. They also print some really dope books examining the grafitti scene in Japan as well as sticker books and blank sketch pads.

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