Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas treats

...and decent one's too, not like the orange at the bottom of your stocking. First up it's Toddla Teazy leading up the pack in freebies with some B-B-B-B-BASSLINE! DJ Q's 3 track rinse out ep is pretty funny. If you're not moving your feet then there's something very much wrong with your sense of humour. Especially recommend on a ragga tip. Get at it below (nuff parking)

Next up something to be taken a bit more seriously a slice of broken beat from Hybu. Futuristic vibes throughout, get it offa the soundcloud player below

Regular readers will know my big weakness for insane jungle and the one man who's been doing it for me this year is Aries. Clean amen breaks often coupled with huge bass tones has me jumping up and down in my room. Aries has coupled up with Tuffist to record a 2010 jungle review for Knowledge magazine and it's a big one. Just over an hour of jungle and ragga vibes, download and listen to what a jungle mix should sound like. Oh and David Boomah, Parly B and TOP CAT are on hosting duties. 


I thought I'd round off the post of what's to come next year; Headhunter's had a pretty big year releasing material under his own name and under his alias, Addison Groove. It is under the later name that has made this year so memorable; Footcrab and Dumbshit have been everywhere this year blowing up dancehalls worldwide. We were then given teasers with an Addison Groove mix for  the irreplaceable Mary Anne Hobbs and for Fact magazine scattered with forthcoming productions. Finally this morning Headhunter uploaded previews of his forthcoming Addison Groove 12" on Swamp 81 set for release on the 28th of february; Check'em out. 

Merry christmas y'all

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