Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A collection

Here is a collection of giveaways that I've found in the last few days that I've thought wow; this is quite good.
Techno is never something I'd find myself moving into - I used to read the pelski blog and go man I wish he'd stop posting this minimal repetitive bullshit. And yet here I am; a few days ago I bought both the new releases on Doldrums both of which are largely techno cuts and now I'm posting a Kyle Hall remix of Brooklyn duo; The Hundreds in The Hands. The original is on a kind of Bloc party tip but Kyle Hall strips all that back to expose pure detroit soul.

Next up is a track I've been sitting on for a little while; Walton takes Mala's classic changes, slows down the tempo and switches things up into an eyes down funky number. File next to Doc Daneeka's remix of Pathways but with more bass.

Don't watch my timing on this one; the track came out in late february. Phon.o's take on Robot Koch's Gorom Sen is really different to the original; gone is the glitchy sense of timing and in comes a big powerful syncopated garage beat with a huge driving sub underneath and lot of fiddely 8 bit synths swirling away on top. Also well worth checking out is his remix of trooper, originally by Boys Noize

Here I've got a house cut from Lisbon based producer King Kong; tribal vibes with nods to classic chicago flavours. 

Finally a hot slice of blissed out crunk from Chaos in the CBD on their remix of Canblaster's Thunderdome got crunk. Sub bass bumps under a some really nice keys while the line "put it down" is looped and detuned. Also well worth checking out is Chaos in the CBD's recent collab with French Fries; with you (I've had this stuck in my head for days now)

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