Sunday, 5 December 2010


Doorly was one of those producers i got into when he was making dizzee rascal remixes and at the time I loved it. It did get tiresome after a while and then as I heard more and more of his productions I realised they sucked. Hard. Trying to distance himself from being "pigeonholed" as dubstep, he released a 12", shortly after, with a housey techno lead, which to be honest I didn't think that much of, but it's not my kind of music. And now he's starting a label; Pigeonhole this. He's also released a free promo pack with 6 tracks featuring collabs with Lady Chann and Felix (best name ever) Yeah to promote said label. To be honest; again I think it's pretty weak; it's like the focus of the release isn't the music, but the diversity. I was about delete the guy off facebook until about 20 minutes ago when i got on to his page and decided I'd check his soundcloud out, just for kicks, and found out that he actually has, finally, produced some nice music! His garage tracks on the Pigeonhole this promo were pretty weak; the same basic kick/snare pattern and then just generic (and pretty rubbish) bumpy bass. His garage re-rub of The Cuban Brothers' track The finding, however, is brilliant! He finally caught on to a really nice bass sound; his drum patterns have stepped up a notch, even the synth sound is banging! Not only all this but it's up as a free download; BRILLIANT! I'm not going to mention the second remix though. 

Probing further on his soundcloud page I also found his remix of AC Slater's take you in which he's chopped up a nice amen, cut out the horrible bass sounds, stuck a really driving sub in and made a pretty sweet ravey jungle tune. I know this one was released in April, but i really haven't given anything he's made a listen in a long time. Definitely worth a download.

Finally a track I'm not 100% on; his remix of Marina & The Diamonds' I am not a robot; coming on like a cheesier Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur production. It is however free so give it a go.

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