Monday, 13 December 2010

Fyah from mi soundcloud

More music I've found through endless hours spent surfing soundcloud. Also the above video = DO WANT
Mele just made this available for free download and it's well worth a downlad; sometimes you can hear tracks that have been offered up as a free download; half arsed production values; not very well constructed, simple, obvious progression. To an extent it's understandable; you don't want to give away your work, but sometimes it does take the piss a little... This, however, is brilliant; funky and bass heavy with a nod to old school rave.
Mele - I swear down

Sines comes correct again with his remix of Lostlojic's emotional garage tune She's Special (well worth checking out as well). Sines fills in the gaps a bit more using more of the synths and the chopped up vocals, moving the emphasis more away from the syncopation, making something that is both forlorn and euphoric. Cop it off the player below

Lostlojic-She's Special(Sines Rerub) FREE DOWNLOAD by Sines

Last up is this slice of funky, grimey electronica; offered up by Becoming Real is his remix of Jamie Woon's, Burial co-produced, eerie soul jam Night air. Released on a limited white label 12" this week with a Deadboy remix on the flip, this however, is the choicer remix of the two; Completely deconstructing the vocals and synths and layering and looping together with some eski-beat synths to his hearts content creating something more akin to electronica and IDM. No embedding on this one so head over here to pick it up off his soundcloud. Or you can buy the 12" here