Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Huerco S. Moleskin Mix002

For number 2 in the mix series I'd like to introduce American producer Huerco S.. I first encountered him through his remix of Brandy's Best Friend; swooning synth noises that fill your head like a ghetto blaster in a cave, minimal 2 step percussion and Brandy's pitched down voice all come together in this epic 7 minuter. Having listened to all his stuff including the stuff on his myspace and youtube, I'm confounded as to why he isn't hyped about more. I caught up with him for a quick Q&A.

Who are you?
19 years young, dj/producer, Brian Leeds.
I'm an Aries, art school drop out, and I'm just living life.

Can you describe your sound?
House, with a hint of house; pad synths, clunky basses, and janky drums. moody vibes always.
How did you get into production/ what were your early influences
I was in a couple of bands from 13 until 16, and just got really tired of that whole format. At the time I was really into early Hospital Records (ie Danny Byrd, Nu:Tone) really housey drum & bass as well as minimal techno.
Is there much of a scene in Kansas? 
A very small scene if you would call it that, but within this scene I have the privilege of having some really talented friends who are also producers. People for the most part are pretty open minded when it comes to music, but the majority of people that go out looking for electronic music are into really awful wobble ridden dubstep and the likes of Deadmau5–I take what I can get. But looking regional scenes anymore is difficult, I mean here we are on the internet trading music/ideas, that's my scene more so than Kansas.
Anything forthcoming/more productions? 
I have a few things lined up as far as forthcoming releases; Withnail is coming out in february on wicked bass records with remixes from Cedaa, JTRPlokiboi and Jamie Grind. There are a few more things but the details haven't been smoothed out yet; I'm always producing so keep an eye on my soundcloud.
Is there anyone you think we should keep our eyes out for over here?
Yessss my buddy Norrit (Palms Out Sounds/Party Guy Recs), as well as Fire For Effect, and Indigo Bunting (this kid is super young and already doing great things) also shouts to my homeboy Vlad in Russia; Vood
Cool, thanks. Can you quickly talk us through the mix?
Detroit is at the heart of this mix; Pretty much an aural manifestation of what I'm feeling right now, the mood; the progression; the tempo. Winter is almost here and all I want to do is listen to techno.  Hope that's adequate haha.
The one hour long mix provided is packed with house and techno from the latest Doldrums 12"s to bootlegs from Brian himself. Check it out on the mixcloud player and cop it through mediafire (here). If you like what you've heard join the facebook group and you can also check out his other production aliases Vaaes and Teloche. And just because I can, I'm going to post up a selection of his original productions that you can obsess about and play ridiculously loudly at 5am. First up is the late night house/techno burner that is True. Next is Want U; a singular drone noise upon which a lush soundscape (all about that synth that starts at 1:56) is built on; minimal clicky 2 step percussion is added and subtracted as are the beautifully chopped up and manipulated vocal samples. Third is the blissed out On & On; layers of synths and deep 2 step percussion build and build to the epic break down 2 minutes in before letting the bass bumble back in; Worth being patient for is the switch up in percussion 5 and a half minutes in. And finally I'm posting Huerco's aforementioned Brandy remix.

On and On - Huerco S.

Want U - Huerco S.

Best friend (Huerco S. remix) - brandy

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