Sunday, 5 December 2010

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing

With the snow and ice causing havoc on the roads and such a lot of my lectures have been called off, leaving me with a LOT of free time, so for the last two days I've spent a lot of time refreshing my Facebook and incessantly clicking on my inbox on soundcloud hoping someone interesting will email me. Just now I've just returned from doing some filming and clicked on my inbox to find a weird email entitled

DBTY Promo: Sticky Stockholm - Mantra Beat EP (Tech-House, Trumpets, Shamanism)

I certainly don't remember joining any promo list? Which means someone's put me on it (thank you) upon opening it, it still all looked rather suspect. It wasn't until I clicked on the soundcloud links did I realise my luck; free swing sampling house?! Brrrrrrilliant! In the email were 4 tracks by swedish producer Sticky Stockholm; the head honcho of DBTY records. The title track, Mantra beat is described in the email as  a manic trumpet surrounded by longer stabs, epic breakdowns and a strange voice repeating a mantra over the kick drum. The third track, Carousel, is described as a hectic metro-ride in any given European capital, driven by the hammering melody from the sharpest piano. It's the second track (Marrakech Nights), however, that got me bouncing; a classic house beat with one hell of a swing sample; record crackles and all. Impossible not to jiggle a little in your seat to this one.  More great news further down the email; the gang are handing out a cheeky free number; Fat Cigar to help promote the release. You'll be happy to hear that there's even more cheeky jazzy swing samples in this one, along with a few upbeat drums and an edgy head-bopping bassline. Cop this one off the soundcloud player and you can pick up the rest of the release here

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