Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Skydiving for Cassie

It's become something of a trend to use her vocals or remix her songs of late with excellent productions coming from Deadboy and some brilliant remixes by the likes of Brenmar and Kastle among others. So now Local Action have gone the whole 9 yards and released a free compilation from friends and Local Action artists of "remixes, tributes and marriage proposals" to/of Cassie. Particular highlights (my favourites) are the Altered Natives dub mix of addiction, Brackles brilliant remix of Me & U and Jacques Greene's marriage proposal mix of must be love. Regardless of my favourites, cop the entire package and make up your own mind HERE.

01. Addiction (Lunice remix)
02. Me & U (Mickey Pearce’s Mickey Luvs Cassie mix)
03. Official Girl (The Blessings remix)
04. Is It You? (Svpreme Fiend remix)
05. Me & U (Brackles remix)
06. Addiction (Altered Natives’ Cassie4dannyNATIVE TLA dub)
07. Thirsty (Slackk remix)
08. Must Be Love (Jacques Greene’s Marriage Proposal mix)
09. Me & U (8Bitch cover)

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