Saturday, 4 December 2010

Some free Night Slugs affiliated shit

Just wanna apologise real quick to Joe of Hush House, I pretty much knew he was going to post this track. On another note. Gutted.
Let's go back 11 months to Square one; the first release by Night Slugs and for me the release that took me away from dubstep and garage into a murkier houseier sound (still my favourite night slugs release) along with the vinyl release there was a digital release packed with some freakin sweet remixes.  To this day it still pains me to choose a favourite, but I think this one just edges it; Greena brings some heavy mutant funky breaks to the original a la Tenzado/Actual Pain; chopping up the synths, stripping back the horns and writing a new bass line. If you didn't know the name of the track you'd probably think it was an original production. Night Slugs have just launched a snazzy new website and as I didn't see their old one I didn't realise they handed this cut out in January, which is why I'm posting it now. As a bonus there's also a Kingdom bit they posted on there as well. On another note the crew have released Night Slugs Allstars volume 1 which I highly recommend you go cop purely for the square one VIP (FYAH) and Jacques Greene's (Baby I don't know) what you want. It's available in all decent online distributors and all good record stores.

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