Friday, 31 December 2010

Take records

Was perusing James Fox's (the guy that did that brilliant put it back tune) soundcloud and noticed a track that was for free download from the official take records site; A soulful slow burning acid house jam for fans of Jacques Greene. Knowing I had to have it I went off to the take records site, where it immediately started downloading a zip file for me, brilliant! When I opened up the file I was delighted to see James Fox's track among others from Jack Dixon, Mr Lager (tell me tell me...) and Colo. Mr Lager's contribution surprised me in that it's a half time minimal drum and bass tune, far removed from his moody dubstep cuts; forlorn synths swirl among the clicky percussion. Jack Dixon's cut is more inkeeping with his past form; a dubbier number that rolls with deep low end and vocals samples that drown among the variety of lush synths and samples. Finally the unknown Colo; rolling in a track at just over 90 bpm that has more to do with house than hip hop; the arpeggiated solo within is particularly excellent. The thing I like that seems to unify all these tracks is the focus on colour in synths rather than just bass; while the bass is important, it's no longer the main focus; something a lot of producers this year have taken up, which is nice to see. Anyway head over here and cop'em all as well as joining up to the Take mailing list. Keep an eye out for forthcoming take releases from the artists featured in the giveaway  and have a happy new year!

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