Thursday, 23 December 2010


Quick post (wrapping presents) first up we've got Madd Mike with his 3k lane/chunk up the duece mash up. I know everyone's heard 3k lane almost to death, but this makes it listenable all over again and just enough of the Lil Keke track is left in to show this isn't a simple cut and paste job. All the elements work really nicely together; the little eskibeat string plucks and resonant hip hop keys over Joker's warbling bassline and killer snare. Cop this one off the player below

Total Freedom upped this yesterday, kinda don't want anyone else to have it. Below is his vocal edit of Kingdom's Hottest in America dub with the vocals coming from Keyshia Cole's Love. A little has been done to Kingdom's original; vocals warped and the structure has been changed a bit to fit the vocals more snuggly. This one's fi prime time dance floor gally windin; get it below.

Last up we've got an early christmas present from XXXY - snappy garage percussion, chopped and screwed female RnB vocals and a big ol' bumpy bassline. Watch out for Ordinary things/You always start it out in January on Ten Thousand Yen

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