Thursday, 2 December 2010

What's real is what you feel

Here's another thing that's real; the unholy amount of bass music that's dropping from the lovely people at B.Yrslf division. If there was one word I'd associate with them it would be de-(wait for it)-lightful. They've been pretty busy recently, giving out free music from people like Cedaa, DJ Hilti and DJ Taye, all in preparation for the release of their first 12 track compilation What's Real volume 1 released today. Covering a plethora of bass music from juke to dubstep and house and hip hop, from people like Hybu, Cedaa, Elaquent and Kid Strike. The release is kicked off in style by Elaquent with his tribute to legendary hip hop producer Pete Rock, next up a small slice of crunk before you hit Hybu's contribution (one of my faves off the release) which fits nicely into that grey area between dubstep, garage and house. Another tune that stands out is Cedaa's please me; sub bass growls under a marching beat and a cut up RnB vocal sample. My absolute favourite up next is yeah with Kid Strike on the buttons; gentle pulsating subs and ohhhhhhh yeahhhh (listen to it, you'll know what I mean). DJ Taye's not the usual brings the sweet RnB vibes over some pretty hefty jukin' bass. What I'm getting at is that there's a lot of bass on the CD and it's all pretty good. AND if that's not enough reason to go to their bandcamp and spend a few quid, B.Yrsly division have given out a free 2 track release from Cedaa and Barrius to celebrate the release of the CD. Not taking anything away from the Cedaa/Barrius collab but it is ALL about Barrius' solo effort; yesterday; cop'em both off the players below and then go on over and show some serious love to B.Yrslf Division; keepin it real.

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