Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Where's da mandem at?

B-b-b-b-burgaboy. Find myself listening to more and more bassline, this is probably a bad thing. One of my boys pointed this one out (hold tight ) Burgaboy's been doing big things recently; the remix of Mosca's tilt shift, etc also I think that B-b-b-bbb-burgaboy beats Roska's ROSKA ROSKA ROSKA. Apparently Donaeo heard DJ Q spinning this one in Fabric, went over and rewound it and then hooked up with Burgaboy the next day to record this vocal version. And now he's giving it away for free on twitter. This one isn't your straight forward squeeky bassline tune, get at it below

Where's da mandems at Feat. Donaeo - Burgaboy

Sticky Stockholm was that guy I blogged about it a wee while ago that made that sweet house EP full of old swing samples and vinyl crackles. And now he's coming correct with a house/baltimore club hybrid on a brenmar tip; cutting up Ciara's 1, 2 step and pasting it over layers of different percussion and huge bass hits. Cop it off the player
I'd act fast if you want this next one as it's a limited download. Mista Men's low down skankin re-rub of Hackman and Jamie Grind's saw the light, mixing ridiculous amounts of low end with euphoric vocal snatches and a nice syncopated beat (all about those shakers). Don't sleep
Hackman & Jamie Grind - Saw the light (Mistamen Remix) LIMITED FREE DOWNLOAD by Mista Men

And finally 2 months ago Bok Bok's Xlr8r podcast caused waves with two extremely good mash ups; Woo glut and Down on my night hunter. Today Martelo, the hands behind the buttons on down on my night hunter, has decided to hand that bad boy out. Smack that

Down on my night hunter (Martelo blend) - Fis-T x Wookie

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