Sunday, 31 October 2010

It's a cold, dark sunday in Leeds...

...which means one thing; turn that heater up, hook up your speakers and get some reassuring hip hop in you. Hold tight Jay Dee (RIP) and Phat Kat

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Top of me pops

My top ten for the last month
  1. WUT - Girl Unit
  2. Church - The 2 Bears
  3. Hold it down - Submerse
  4. Heartbeat (Mosca remix) - T. Williams ft. Terri Walker
  5. Osbasten (Tessela remix) - Truss
  6. Lord of Bashy (Doc Daneeka 2-step Militia remix) - Warrior One
  7. Bad Gal (Douster Caliente edit) - Douster & Savage Skulls
  8. Boomslang - LV & Okmalumkoolkat
  9. Roulette - C.R.S.T.
  10. Igloo (Murlo refix) - Wiley (cop this one off Murlo's soundcloud fi some Soca Fyah)


Mad Decent have just posted a Moombahton compilation compiled by Heartbreak, I haven't had the time to listen to all of it yet, but so far this is my favourite; tropical pop sensibilities from DJ A-mac. ESSENTIAL DOWNLOAD! Go get the rest of the compilation from here fo'free bitches
JJ Flores - Dancin (A-Mac Edit) by DJ A-Mac

Friday, 29 October 2010


These guys have been shifting nuff riddims and releases in the last 6 months. A release on Bigger than Barry records, 2 release on Car Cash Set, a release on Ten Thousand yen, a release on Well Rounded, they've just been included on the Cheap Thrills Volume 2  release and they're just about to release another EP on No Hats No Hoods. And if that's not enough they've got Roulette (see below) coming out on a Double A side 10"(with Chico and Didz's something new on the flip) on Ten Thousand yen sometime in the next two months. All that plus the various remixes they've turned in for people like The Count and Sinden, Proper Villains, Ty and The XX among others. Over all a Busy time for C.R.S.T; made up of four guys from different musical backgrounds from house and drum and bass to hip hop and garage. Check out the brilliantly built Roulette, which has got the best pre drop build up, and cop the free tracks below. You can check out CRST's releases on their soundcloud and you can buy their beats here
Roulette - C.R.S.T by C.R.S.T
This next one switches things up a bit; DnB style synths mount a baltimore club beat while the bassline destroys everything in site. Free download so get it in your life and big it up fi Tony Blitz
I know you WANT! - DJTONYBLITZ (C.R.S.T) by C.R.S.T
This one sounds like El-B making a dark brooding minimal dubstep beat.
Horror - C.R.S.T by C.R.S.T
Last one's another switch up; minimal house vibes meets 2 step? Soulful female vocal samples glide over some low slung bass whirs and a really bumpy beat
1 4 BYRON - C.R.S.T by C.R.S.T

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Getting Tropical

This ones for grinding with the gyal dem in a sweaty basement while drinking rum. Pretty minimal elements on this one; just bass, occasionsal synth stabs and Rye Rye and MIA's bang acapella bringing on the sex appeal. This one's up fi free download so cop that off the player below and give props to  Laundrymix 
Bristol's carnival king Dub Boy follows 2 people on soundcloud; Stereotyp is one of them, bringing a bassy barefoot sound. His productions fuse elements of juke, Dancehall, Hip Hop, RnB, Soca, Moombahton and pretty much any other tropical bass form you care to mention. The below tune is another bassy banger fi dancehall, for best results play through big system and dagger throughout. The Second tune is a carnival in a can; both tunes are free download so click that down facing arrow on the right and get a stomp on

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tune of the year from the label of the year.

I wish I could share with you the experience of hearing this tune on the Fabric soundsystem on saturday night. I've waited a long time for this one to be released, and finally after what seems like years it's out. It wasn't meant to be released so soon after his last release on Night slugs (April) but so much was the hype around it that it couldn't be held back any longer. This means no more shitty radio rips, no more low quality youtube blags; go cop the real thing and show Girl Unit some love

Futher more you can catch Girl Unit playing Alongside Greena and Jamie Grind on the 10th of November at The Wire in Leeds. 6 pand on the night but only 5 pand if you stick your name on the facebook event

Friday, 22 October 2010


Sines just upped this on to soundcloud fi free download, Jack dixon on the buttons for the original. Nice RnB sample, and sweet  synth stabs ride over a shuffling garage beat. Hit download on the soundcloud link.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bear beats

The 2 bears are Joe Goddard of hot chip and Raf Rundell and together they make wierd electronic bass music. Their first release, the Follow the Bear EP, on Southern Fried records was a lot more clear cut in terms of genre; strong old school house vibes with a hot chip-esque twist, personal highlights were the cover of Sade's When am I going to make a living and Mercy time which sounded like Mr Scruff making house with Raf's pitched down vocals chugging over the top. On Monday their 2nd EP, the Curious Nature EP, dropped and it's more old school house vibes and a cover; Fun Boy Three's The lunatics (have taken over the asylum) giving it their own twist. Personally I prefered the Sade cover, but that's just me. My personal highlight of the EP is Church; the 2 bears meets Joe Goddard's uk funky influences (check his solo album); Funky beat + Steal drums + Raf's vocals = prime time dancefloor gyal grinding, seriously if that tune doesn't get you laid, there's no helping you. Check this video of some of the parts from Church being recorded with a little help from the Red Bull music academy. Also worth checking out is the 2 bears website, there's bear (whey) mixes and ting and you can buy the release on vinyl here or digital here. Alternatively you can download the dub mix for free
The 2 Bears - Church (Dub mix)
The 2 Bears: Curious Nature EP by Southern Fried Records

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


A little late on this one but well worth a download is Greenmoney's remix of Selecta originally by Ms Bratts and redlight. A sick marching skank riddim with a nice synthy breakdown. You can catch one half of Greenmoney on friday at Farbic playing back to back with Seb Chew. Bruk out
Mz Bratts - Selecta (Greenmoney Brukussive remix) 320
Busy Signal - Picantie (Greenmoney remix) 320

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

De man dem call Article 01

Just a quick heads up to say a friend of mine's part of a release on Hit and hope records that you need to go scope and buy sharpish. Article 01's been making music for a little while and his productions keep getting better and better. The 4 track EP is by a guy called Klic who also makes sick music and when the two came together, Mustard Tiger was created. The release is available here. Watch out for the vinyl drop coming soon.
Mustard Tiger - Article & Klic (clip) by Article.01

More Free tunes????

The Phuturelabs blog started releasing EPs digitally for free a little while back and the above is the artwork (by Kenny Hall) from the 2nd and latest one released yesterday. Matthew Hiscox, aka, Hissy Fit is a producer from Montreal and makes pretty sweet bass music. Support for the EP has already come in from Sinden, XLR8R and Sonic Router.The pick of the EP, for me, is the crosstrainers garage rework and Outdoor Life tunes; lush synths and plenty of bass. Check the tracks and then decide if you want to download the 320s or the wavs off soundcloud. Hissy Fit also has a not so free tune coming out on Car Crash Set which is fyah. Check the man's soundcloud it's got a few other free bits which are well worth a click.
Hissy Fit - Crosstrainers (garage rework) 320
Hissy Fit - Outdoor Life 320
01 - Hissy Fit - Crosstrainers (Garage rework) (WAV) by Phuturelabs
02 - Hissy Fit - Outdoor Life (WAV) by Phuturelabs

Who want's a free Greenmoney remix? You know, Greenmoney; as in those guys that have NEVER had a bad remix? And this ones a big bassy brukkusive badboy. NUFF ALLITERATION! Go here, download and get your dagger on

I heard a preview of this particular edit earlier this year and spent a long time trying to find out anything about it in vain. Then out of the blue the release came out WITHOUT this edit. Gutted! Then Mad Decent (seriously, I love you guys) came along and posted the bladdy thing for free. This is the Douster  Caliente edit of the Crookers remix of Savage Skulls and Douster's tune; Bad Gal. It's huge. And it's free. Cop it while it's hot!
If you like the tunes I've been posting up here, I'm playing at the king's cross social club this saturday in London. Other DJs playing Disco, funk and electro house. Come along, judging by the flyer it looks like it could be pretty jokes AND it's free. For more info, check the facebook event

Monday, 18 October 2010

Something new

South Wales is a hot bed of musical talent at the moment and the label to be on is Doc Daneeka's Ten Thousand Yen imprint. Past releases include bits from C.R.S.T, Diverseconcepts, Venom and Damage and Julio Bashmore, that and the fact that so far all the rekkids have been limited to 350 10" coloured pressings; this is a label that means business. This next bit is due for a release in November/December, also on coloured 10" wax, and has been kicking around for a while begging to be picked up; Didz & Chico's sumting new. Soulful garage vibes throughout this one. Check the video/soundcloud accounts, show'em some love and you can buy Ten Thousand Yen releases straight from the site including a pretty snazzy Ten Thousand Yen tee, which features the above pattern, for 20 squid. Or 2606 yen. Don't sleep

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Essential bass Music

The title pretty much says it all, I still act like a twat in my room whenever I hear the second drop on acid test. Leeds based Tessela makes really bassy garage/2 step/techno/dubstep very well. I pretty much recommend just spending a bit of quality time with your sub woofers. The 3rd track, the remix of Osbasten by Truss, is available on 12" which can be purchased here. Enjoy

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Local Action 3

T. WIlliams feat. Terri Walker
Local Action 003 looks set to drop later this month, so I thought I'd take a second to give you a quick heads up on what to expect. Local Action kicked things off earlier in the summer with the Anthemic T. Williams release; three housier funky cuts that received support from 2562 to L-Vis 1990 and from Todd Edwards to Ikonika. The second release by Svpreme Fiend, the Killer EP was a little darker; a garage twinged EP that also receieved a battering from names across genres. And on October 26th the latest in the line drops with T Williams coming correct again this time teaming up with Terri Walker to offer up Heartbeats; a swirling vocal house cut. Also on the release is a Mosca remix which flips things into a bit more of a slow building jazzy roller with lightly dusted high hat hits, twinkling keys and a rubber band bassline that we come to expect of Mosca. Support on this already coming in from people like Martyn and Four Tet but also Christian Martin, Gilles Peterson and Toddla T. You can Pre-order your copy here.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Warrior One

King Pigeon EP
Warrior One will look back on this month as a pretty successful one in times to come; a release on Dre Skull's label Mixpak called Lord of the bashy (go check the Doc Daneeka Militia 2 step remix fi som fyah!) and also the King Pigeon EP on their own label uhh King Pigeon. I've been waiting on the King Pigeon EP for some time, ever since their release party back in may actually. Those of you who heard the Bad like Jimmy Cliff Ep will know how big this release is going to be. The four track release is actually a little different to their last; a good example is the third track "I don't need you"; a classic warrior one syncopated drum beat with Martyn-esque stabs over the top. Warrior One have kindly decided to give out a track from the release fo' free; Together Forever is a cacophony of rave pianos, diva vocals and that warrior one bass sound. Direct link here. Cop the release when it drops later this month. Also, check out my snazzy new title graphic! Big ups to James at Get down or die fi linking me up.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Free tunes?

Apologies to Dean of the Bridgwater Reggae Soundsystem, I'm about to link one of his faves, but I haffi; it's too good not to share the love. Aries is a bass music producer of a pretty decent calibre. His DJing CV is impressive to say the least; extensive touring throughout Europe, along with festivals and dates in the US and Canada. His discography is pretty extensive as well. Essentially this guy's been round the block. There are a lot of hold the line remixes out there, but this one just about tops the pile (along with the Skream remix) Aries has nicely decided to give this one out for free as well so, uh, go cop dat. If you wanna keep up to date with the mans manouvers check his pretty snazzy website

JTRP are two guys called Philip and Jorge. They're signed to Deep Teknologi (The next release on the imprint is their's!) which ought to give you a bit of a heads up about how good this tune's gonna be. The original tune is pretty fresh itself; the NGUZUNGUZU Mirage EP came out on the 11th of October. JTRP strip back all hectic tribal hits, keeping ghostly vocal snatches, snippets of the main synth hook and put in their own garage beat with a lot of bass. The result is a winner, go download it; it's free!

Paul Marmota
Meant to blog about this guy for a little while; his tunes are pure tropical FYAHHH! Essentially go google Paul Matmota and click on a few links, it's all good believe me. This is the latest piece from the Chilean producer that he's just stuck up fi download. As soon as the gameboy synths kick in over those marching snares you'll be hitting download so fast it'll make your eyes spin. 

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Deeeeejaaaaaayyyy boooooookkkkkk boooooookkkkkk

Bok Bok vs XLR8R
XLR8R mixes are consistently awesome; uploaded yesterday Bok Bok's mix is also bloody good, nothing new there. Highlights include the Ramadanman and S-X mash up: Woo Glut which is currently my favourite, but Martelo's edit of Fis-T's night hunter and Wookie's  down on me is slowly catching up. I could continue to list its selling points or you could just go listen to the mix, download it, replay and obsess over it. 
This mix happens to co-incide with another white label Night Slugs release. Side A is Ikonika's ghetto tech-esque remix of hoes come out at night; Cubic Zirconia's rampaging dancefloor destroyer. Side B sees Bok Bok and Nick Hook of Cubic Zirconia going a little deeper with Reclash. Really limited copies of these so make up your mind fast. Get it here 

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Collaborations of the week

Untold... and Roska?

Two of my favourite bass music producers, from the Funky and Dubstep scenes respectively, have come together to make beats that are other worldly. Both styles come through cleanly and nicely compliment each other; Roska's classic percussive style and Untold's bass squelch that we've come to know and love. It's the B side, Long Range, that really get's me going; a drawn out detroit-esque funky beat with organ stabs, conga rolls and some pretty sick sub action. Check the above interview with Jack and Wayne about the release and try and count the amount of times Roska says "y'kno what I mean?". Go cop the release on super label Numbers it's available e'erwherrrr

Also released on monday was the highly anticipated 12 on Hyperdub by Scratcha DVA, mainly because of the collab he did with Fatima; Jus Vybe. A sweet synth driven funky beat with Fatima's soulful vocals floating over that drove me nuts the first time i heard it. Prepared to be humming this one a lot in the next few days and when it's finally got to you, purchase it here

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

UK Hip Hop/Grime

I've posted a lot of bass music on here so far, but going through my mp3 player yesterday I realised that half the content was hip hop; and most of that was from the US. So I'd like to take a second (just sit right there) to showcase my favourite UK lyricists. Also a quick note to give massive props to the Better never than late blog, without which I wouldn't know of any of these artists. Seriously check it out, it's one of the sickest blogs out there.
Mystro is someone I really don't know that much about, although reading through his wikipedia page it seems like he's done a lot in the 12 years he's been around for the scene. Having watched some of his videos on youtube, he also seems like quite a nice guy, something that to me, isn't a usual characteristic of many UK MCs. His lyrics are witty, intelligent flows that delve a little deeper than guns, bitches and bling. He's just had a new EP out in September called the Digmund Freud EP (Go get that off itunes HERE), the video below is my favourite tune off the release. You can catch Mystro live in various venues all around London in the next 2 months, OR if you live in somerset (like I used to) you can catch him playing at club Soho in Yeovil this friday (the 8th) along with Skepta and Mz Bratts according to their twitter page. And if that wasn't enough, he's also playing the saturday after. 

Of what I've heard of Trim he's easily one of my favourite grime MCs, and definitly one of the most under rated. The Ex Roll-Deep member has been spitting solid bars for about 8 years now. The above video is Trim on a Blackdown and Dusk track circa 2007. It's called the bits and is one of Trim's more famous pieces. The video itself is also worth a mention; it was created by Jonathan Howells for the recent Dusk and Blackdown tour and is part of 5 videos all of which you oughta peep on the fact mag blog. The below video is a sneaky bit of bass music coming from James Blake's alter ego Harmonimix which ties in nicely; STRIKE A POSE

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tropical heat

MISTA MEN are three guys from the sub-tropics of Doncaster that make tropical house, funky and garage riddims. Going through their three pages of productions on soundcloud to pick tunes to showcase is no easy feet. First there's their release on New York based label Bass Tourist comprised of Lengthy riddim and a KILLER Hackman remix. Then there's Automatic Groove and Watermelon, released on Car Crash Set back in august. And finally there's their super limited white label release: RVRSE/Ashanting on NSA. Among their various unreleased productions I found Goin' on, a summery funky anthem made for playing as the sun's going down in July. Another favourite is their rerub of Drake's Light it up; Dischordant piano loops and snatches of Drake's vocals ride a skippy garage beat and a roller coaster of a sub bassline. Check the tracks, and if you want more you can catch Mella Dee (one of the trio) on Radio Frequency FM every friday evening 6 till 8. 


Paul Dolby, AKA Seiji, is a name that pops up just about everywhere. Having been in the game for almost 15 years he's a versatile producer who's made just about every genre of dance music going. He started giving out free tunes and remixes through his website just over a year ago and there's a lot of quality in there. His last release Seiji 1 is two cuts of funky and old school garage flavours and received a battering from just about everyone. He then appeared on Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura remixed compilation with the HUGE Chekere Son remix, which is still available from FACT for free here.  Yesterday, Seiji 2 dropped and again it's a 2 track release with Straylight on the A; a 90s Todd Edwards-esque tune, and Weedkiller, a bleepy funky cut, on the flip. Check the tracks and then go cop dat on your preferred format, DON'T SLEEP!