Friday, 31 December 2010

Take records

Was perusing James Fox's (the guy that did that brilliant put it back tune) soundcloud and noticed a track that was for free download from the official take records site; A soulful slow burning acid house jam for fans of Jacques Greene. Knowing I had to have it I went off to the take records site, where it immediately started downloading a zip file for me, brilliant! When I opened up the file I was delighted to see James Fox's track among others from Jack Dixon, Mr Lager (tell me tell me...) and Colo. Mr Lager's contribution surprised me in that it's a half time minimal drum and bass tune, far removed from his moody dubstep cuts; forlorn synths swirl among the clicky percussion. Jack Dixon's cut is more inkeeping with his past form; a dubbier number that rolls with deep low end and vocals samples that drown among the variety of lush synths and samples. Finally the unknown Colo; rolling in a track at just over 90 bpm that has more to do with house than hip hop; the arpeggiated solo within is particularly excellent. The thing I like that seems to unify all these tracks is the focus on colour in synths rather than just bass; while the bass is important, it's no longer the main focus; something a lot of producers this year have taken up, which is nice to see. Anyway head over here and cop'em all as well as joining up to the Take mailing list. Keep an eye out for forthcoming take releases from the artists featured in the giveaway  and have a happy new year!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Where's da mandem at?

B-b-b-b-burgaboy. Find myself listening to more and more bassline, this is probably a bad thing. One of my boys pointed this one out (hold tight ) Burgaboy's been doing big things recently; the remix of Mosca's tilt shift, etc also I think that B-b-b-bbb-burgaboy beats Roska's ROSKA ROSKA ROSKA. Apparently Donaeo heard DJ Q spinning this one in Fabric, went over and rewound it and then hooked up with Burgaboy the next day to record this vocal version. And now he's giving it away for free on twitter. This one isn't your straight forward squeeky bassline tune, get at it below

Where's da mandems at Feat. Donaeo - Burgaboy

Sticky Stockholm was that guy I blogged about it a wee while ago that made that sweet house EP full of old swing samples and vinyl crackles. And now he's coming correct with a house/baltimore club hybrid on a brenmar tip; cutting up Ciara's 1, 2 step and pasting it over layers of different percussion and huge bass hits. Cop it off the player
I'd act fast if you want this next one as it's a limited download. Mista Men's low down skankin re-rub of Hackman and Jamie Grind's saw the light, mixing ridiculous amounts of low end with euphoric vocal snatches and a nice syncopated beat (all about those shakers). Don't sleep
Hackman & Jamie Grind - Saw the light (Mistamen Remix) LIMITED FREE DOWNLOAD by Mista Men

And finally 2 months ago Bok Bok's Xlr8r podcast caused waves with two extremely good mash ups; Woo glut and Down on my night hunter. Today Martelo, the hands behind the buttons on down on my night hunter, has decided to hand that bad boy out. Smack that

Down on my night hunter (Martelo blend) - Fis-T x Wookie

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas treats part 2

So just logged on to soundcloud to see 2 things: Footcrab VIP free download. Oh and Zed Bias releasing 20 old school classic for free including his remix of El-B's serious, Ms Dynamite's it takes more and originals like crazy by seven wonders. Earlier this evening I also received stone cold on 12" and the best of the pirates 2x12". Fuck me I love christmas. Get at the goodies below, I recommend downloading all of them, but for the picky ones I've indicated essentials. They're all direct links, get to it!


Crazy - Seven Wonders (must download)

This was the message under each tune
To celebrate a great year I've decided to share a selection of 20 Zed Bias and Phuturistix remixes, rare bootlegs and instrumentals from between 1998 and 2000. About 6 years ago I had lost a box of DAT tapes and randomly found them again this year... these DATs contain all my early recordings and here I've selected some cuts that are unavailable digitally anywhere and I've had them remastered so they are ready for bangin, in the car, in the club or on your ipod.... Enjoy!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas treats

...and decent one's too, not like the orange at the bottom of your stocking. First up it's Toddla Teazy leading up the pack in freebies with some B-B-B-B-BASSLINE! DJ Q's 3 track rinse out ep is pretty funny. If you're not moving your feet then there's something very much wrong with your sense of humour. Especially recommend on a ragga tip. Get at it below (nuff parking)

Next up something to be taken a bit more seriously a slice of broken beat from Hybu. Futuristic vibes throughout, get it offa the soundcloud player below

Regular readers will know my big weakness for insane jungle and the one man who's been doing it for me this year is Aries. Clean amen breaks often coupled with huge bass tones has me jumping up and down in my room. Aries has coupled up with Tuffist to record a 2010 jungle review for Knowledge magazine and it's a big one. Just over an hour of jungle and ragga vibes, download and listen to what a jungle mix should sound like. Oh and David Boomah, Parly B and TOP CAT are on hosting duties. 


I thought I'd round off the post of what's to come next year; Headhunter's had a pretty big year releasing material under his own name and under his alias, Addison Groove. It is under the later name that has made this year so memorable; Footcrab and Dumbshit have been everywhere this year blowing up dancehalls worldwide. We were then given teasers with an Addison Groove mix for  the irreplaceable Mary Anne Hobbs and for Fact magazine scattered with forthcoming productions. Finally this morning Headhunter uploaded previews of his forthcoming Addison Groove 12" on Swamp 81 set for release on the 28th of february; Check'em out. 

Merry christmas y'all

Thursday, 23 December 2010


Quick post (wrapping presents) first up we've got Madd Mike with his 3k lane/chunk up the duece mash up. I know everyone's heard 3k lane almost to death, but this makes it listenable all over again and just enough of the Lil Keke track is left in to show this isn't a simple cut and paste job. All the elements work really nicely together; the little eskibeat string plucks and resonant hip hop keys over Joker's warbling bassline and killer snare. Cop this one off the player below

Total Freedom upped this yesterday, kinda don't want anyone else to have it. Below is his vocal edit of Kingdom's Hottest in America dub with the vocals coming from Keyshia Cole's Love. A little has been done to Kingdom's original; vocals warped and the structure has been changed a bit to fit the vocals more snuggly. This one's fi prime time dance floor gally windin; get it below.

Last up we've got an early christmas present from XXXY - snappy garage percussion, chopped and screwed female RnB vocals and a big ol' bumpy bassline. Watch out for Ordinary things/You always start it out in January on Ten Thousand Yen

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Huerco S. Moleskin Mix002

For number 2 in the mix series I'd like to introduce American producer Huerco S.. I first encountered him through his remix of Brandy's Best Friend; swooning synth noises that fill your head like a ghetto blaster in a cave, minimal 2 step percussion and Brandy's pitched down voice all come together in this epic 7 minuter. Having listened to all his stuff including the stuff on his myspace and youtube, I'm confounded as to why he isn't hyped about more. I caught up with him for a quick Q&A.

Who are you?
19 years young, dj/producer, Brian Leeds.
I'm an Aries, art school drop out, and I'm just living life.

Can you describe your sound?
House, with a hint of house; pad synths, clunky basses, and janky drums. moody vibes always.
How did you get into production/ what were your early influences
I was in a couple of bands from 13 until 16, and just got really tired of that whole format. At the time I was really into early Hospital Records (ie Danny Byrd, Nu:Tone) really housey drum & bass as well as minimal techno.
Is there much of a scene in Kansas? 
A very small scene if you would call it that, but within this scene I have the privilege of having some really talented friends who are also producers. People for the most part are pretty open minded when it comes to music, but the majority of people that go out looking for electronic music are into really awful wobble ridden dubstep and the likes of Deadmau5–I take what I can get. But looking regional scenes anymore is difficult, I mean here we are on the internet trading music/ideas, that's my scene more so than Kansas.
Anything forthcoming/more productions? 
I have a few things lined up as far as forthcoming releases; Withnail is coming out in february on wicked bass records with remixes from Cedaa, JTRPlokiboi and Jamie Grind. There are a few more things but the details haven't been smoothed out yet; I'm always producing so keep an eye on my soundcloud.
Is there anyone you think we should keep our eyes out for over here?
Yessss my buddy Norrit (Palms Out Sounds/Party Guy Recs), as well as Fire For Effect, and Indigo Bunting (this kid is super young and already doing great things) also shouts to my homeboy Vlad in Russia; Vood
Cool, thanks. Can you quickly talk us through the mix?
Detroit is at the heart of this mix; Pretty much an aural manifestation of what I'm feeling right now, the mood; the progression; the tempo. Winter is almost here and all I want to do is listen to techno.  Hope that's adequate haha.
The one hour long mix provided is packed with house and techno from the latest Doldrums 12"s to bootlegs from Brian himself. Check it out on the mixcloud player and cop it through mediafire (here). If you like what you've heard join the facebook group and you can also check out his other production aliases Vaaes and Teloche. And just because I can, I'm going to post up a selection of his original productions that you can obsess about and play ridiculously loudly at 5am. First up is the late night house/techno burner that is True. Next is Want U; a singular drone noise upon which a lush soundscape (all about that synth that starts at 1:56) is built on; minimal clicky 2 step percussion is added and subtracted as are the beautifully chopped up and manipulated vocal samples. Third is the blissed out On & On; layers of synths and deep 2 step percussion build and build to the epic break down 2 minutes in before letting the bass bumble back in; Worth being patient for is the switch up in percussion 5 and a half minutes in. And finally I'm posting Huerco's aforementioned Brandy remix.

On and On - Huerco S.

Want U - Huerco S.

Best friend (Huerco S. remix) - brandy

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Best of everything

Logging on to XLR8R just now just saw there's a free compilation of RnB edits stuck together by Brodinski with producers like Bok Bok, Dubbel Dutch, Ngzunguzu, Wildlife, J-Wow, Brenmar, Mikix the Cat, etc offering up their rerubs of original by Cassie, Ciara, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Lil Scrappy, Usher, Drake, Soulja Boy, Amerie, etc. A lot of the stand out tracks have been available for a little while now; the Dubbel Dutch remix of deuces, Brenmar's take on Me & U, Nguzunguzu's refix of can you rock, etc, but there are still a few new gems in there. One particular grabs your attention: French Fries remix of one thing has been taunting people ever since Oneman dropped it in a boiler room set a while back; The switch up 2:10 seconds in is insane! Other fresh highlights are the big sensuous vibes on Mawkus' panty dropping refix of Aaliyah's rock the boat, Wildlife's murky remix of Ride it by Ciara, Bok Bok's HUGE remix of Look at Me by Lil Scrappy and Club Cheval's breathless remix of Pretty Boy Swag by Soulja Boy. You can view the original XLR8R article and stream all the tracks or you can just go here and download'em all. 

Monday, 20 December 2010


It's been a sloth like day today; occasionally prodding a hand out of bed to change the channel/ hit next on itunes, ahhh the joys of being at home. Here are some things I've dug out of t'internet today
JTRP are gearing up for their release (finally) on Deep Teknologi on the 24th of next month, with all three tunes doing the rounds at the moment with key players like Brenmar, Brodinski, Feadz, Jackmaster, Sinden, etc and their name being dropped on XLR8R, the wicked bass and factmag it looks like it could be a big one. They put together a nice mixtape, listen to it.
JTRP - JTRP EP Promo Mix by Deep Teknologi Records

Today the wicked bass blog joins the small group of blogs that have become blogs/labels; listen to the release and you'll see why they've taken the leap. The give it juice EP is a 4 four track release backed up with one killer remix by XXXYVolta Cab is the young Russian producer behind the stunning release steeped in disco stabs, deep house pads and hip hop samples. Each track's on a slightly different tip from the groove chronicles-esque "From Scilly with Love" to the Guru sampling Memphis Heat to the title track, Give it juice: a groovey, soulful, broken beat affair, with XXXY's funky rerub filling in the space a bit more and adding huge bass whooshes. Check out the rest of the previews below and go cop the rest of the release here. Oh and here's the title track fo'free. 

And finally a track from the Ratcatcher; a low down skanking tribal house affair with huge 808 hits. Get it in your life and watch out for more from the ratcatcher next year.

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Coming home has never been this sweet; I just found a load of chicken in the fridge sweeeeeeeeeet. So a quick post before I crash out in front of the tele with all the food from the fridge in my belly.
This has been tearing up dancefloors everywhere for a while now. Those nice lads from Cardiff sent this one out to their followers back in July and today they've made it available free to download for everyone. There are a lot of awful XX remixes out there, this isn't one of them, get it in you and keep an eye out for more releases forthcoming from C.R.S.T

Friday, 17 December 2010

Finished my uni course for the year of course

And so back from the pub I am, logging on to my soundcloud i see Gatto Viola has upped a new baltimore club tune and by Joe (whey) it's excellent! Go cop dat

Monday, 13 December 2010

Fyah from mi soundcloud

More music I've found through endless hours spent surfing soundcloud. Also the above video = DO WANT
Mele just made this available for free download and it's well worth a downlad; sometimes you can hear tracks that have been offered up as a free download; half arsed production values; not very well constructed, simple, obvious progression. To an extent it's understandable; you don't want to give away your work, but sometimes it does take the piss a little... This, however, is brilliant; funky and bass heavy with a nod to old school rave.
Mele - I swear down

Sines comes correct again with his remix of Lostlojic's emotional garage tune She's Special (well worth checking out as well). Sines fills in the gaps a bit more using more of the synths and the chopped up vocals, moving the emphasis more away from the syncopation, making something that is both forlorn and euphoric. Cop it off the player below

Lostlojic-She's Special(Sines Rerub) FREE DOWNLOAD by Sines

Last up is this slice of funky, grimey electronica; offered up by Becoming Real is his remix of Jamie Woon's, Burial co-produced, eerie soul jam Night air. Released on a limited white label 12" this week with a Deadboy remix on the flip, this however, is the choicer remix of the two; Completely deconstructing the vocals and synths and layering and looping together with some eski-beat synths to his hearts content creating something more akin to electronica and IDM. No embedding on this one so head over here to pick it up off his soundcloud. Or you can buy the 12" here

Sunday, 12 December 2010

some bits

Here are some things I've been listening to excessively recently mixed in with a pinch of old downloads and one shit hot remix.

Julio Bashmore is set to release a full four track EP on PMR Records next year entitled Everyone needs a theme tune. There'll be a 12" but the digital version will come with Ramadanman and Midland remixes. So stick aside some money and get the release when it drops but until then salavate over the lead cut above. And as a bonus I've chucked in my 2 fave free Bashmore tunes; skattered around the blogs about a year ago with a classic house tune in Jack got Macked and on a funkier tip with bad apple
Jack got Macked - Julio Bashmore
Bad Apple - Julio Bashmore

Another bit to salivate over is George Fitzgerald's forthcoming contribution to the Hotflush label. George is also signed to Joy Orbison's Doldrums imprint so you can expect big things from him next year. If you're Leeds based like me you can catch him at Modulate in January along with Submerse and Mista Men (facebook page) which brings us nicely on to our next download; Mista Men's remix of Light it up, originally by Drake. Only the twinkling piano keys and a few of the vocals remain, they join some light funky percussion, rising subs and 4 to the floor kicks which really drive the track forward. Cop this below and expect big things in 2011

Light it up (Mista Men rerub) - Drake

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Om Unit

Just checked out Om Unit's soundcloud to see he's giving away two remixes. I'm feeling pretty angry about what happened in Parliament today and these two are going a small way to sooth my jangled innerds, especially the power of love remix. Cop'em both off the soundcloud player and check out the mans website fi more free downloads.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A collection

Here is a collection of giveaways that I've found in the last few days that I've thought wow; this is quite good.
Techno is never something I'd find myself moving into - I used to read the pelski blog and go man I wish he'd stop posting this minimal repetitive bullshit. And yet here I am; a few days ago I bought both the new releases on Doldrums both of which are largely techno cuts and now I'm posting a Kyle Hall remix of Brooklyn duo; The Hundreds in The Hands. The original is on a kind of Bloc party tip but Kyle Hall strips all that back to expose pure detroit soul.

Next up is a track I've been sitting on for a little while; Walton takes Mala's classic changes, slows down the tempo and switches things up into an eyes down funky number. File next to Doc Daneeka's remix of Pathways but with more bass.

Don't watch my timing on this one; the track came out in late february. Phon.o's take on Robot Koch's Gorom Sen is really different to the original; gone is the glitchy sense of timing and in comes a big powerful syncopated garage beat with a huge driving sub underneath and lot of fiddely 8 bit synths swirling away on top. Also well worth checking out is his remix of trooper, originally by Boys Noize

Here I've got a house cut from Lisbon based producer King Kong; tribal vibes with nods to classic chicago flavours. 

Finally a hot slice of blissed out crunk from Chaos in the CBD on their remix of Canblaster's Thunderdome got crunk. Sub bass bumps under a some really nice keys while the line "put it down" is looped and detuned. Also well worth checking out is Chaos in the CBD's recent collab with French Fries; with you (I've had this stuck in my head for days now)