Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Some skippy beats

Today I'm posting a whole batch of skippy garagey tunes. Also, does Jacques Greene ever make not nice tunes? The above bit ripped from his URB mix is being released in the first quarter of the year apparently.

Next up is a bit I saw on the mad decent blogAdmin makes tunes with kinda garagey vibes, this tune's no different. Skippy clicky percussion, a lurching bassline and a big slice of heartsickness thanks to the slowly swelling synths and vocal snnatches. Admin also runs the bootsncats blog, go check dat

Impressions - Admin

Next up is another Seiji goodie; number 11 in the series, Whisky, is a big slice of tribal broken beat. The freebie comes with the news that he has a follow up release to straylight/weedkiller; Seiji 3 which will drop end of february. Keep your eyes peeled for that because his past two releases have been FYAHHHHH. 

Next up is a brae I've featured on here a while ago (bone up) really this second post has been a long time coming; Didz is man that seems unable to make a bad beat; everything he's done (by himself or with collaborator Chico) is soulful and a pleasure to listen to, not just inna club, but in a car/train/bus/plane. A few days ago he uploaded the 1st track below; soulful garage, deep house pads; all that jazz. Below that are another two favourites that are receiving a bit of attention at the moment - from the jazzy saxophone sampling "Lucid space dust" with Chico, to the deeper side of things with Suplex. Check the mans soundcloud for more free goodness and keep an eye out for Didz in 2011.

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