Thursday, 17 February 2011

Big room bits

Some tracks you seem to wait an eternity for; this is one of those tracks. Dubbel Dutch's remix of Villalobos for presidente, originally by Yolanda be cool (their best song by the way) adds some soca flavoured bounce and some clean sub bass hums, which on top of that catchy flute hook is guaranteed to destroy any dance floor. Thanks must be given to the fader for pursuading Marc D for handing this one out... BIG TINGS

Another big bit comes from the man like Intreau with his remix of Out of tune's Cash and Heart. There's a big ol' free remix package, but once you've heard this one none of the others really stand up. It's got big juke style kicks and snappy percussion that come with inordinate amounts of rumbling sub (all about the break down at 2:05). Watch out for more from Intreau who has a release on the ever correct Wickedbass Recs. sometime in spring.

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