Thursday, 3 February 2011

New tings deh

Scratcha DVA continues to run his label, DVA music, with another excellent release; this time it's 2 cuts from Shy One and remixes from T Williams and Numan. The original Shy One tunes are both filled with a great variation of multi coloured synths; Decaffeinated Love, the more introvert of the two, focuses on some soft keys and quick successions of joker-esque synths. While Untitled 9 (My favourite of the two) has arpeggiated chimes and an accordion. The remixes bring a variation to the release; Numan comes with a straight garagey bit playing on some grimey synths, while T Williams gives comfortable a darker funky rerub. One of the tags under the soundcloud player is "wierd dub stuff" think that aptly sums the release up .

Whilst on soundcloud this morning I saw that Forsaken has uploaded a free tune from the 2009 vaults; Give up Hope is a moody halfstepper with creepy samples and ominous bass tones. Forsaken is someone that doesn't get nearly as much kudos as he should; one of the bristol scene front runners he also co runs the excellent soul motive label. One of his tracks, Taiko riddim, also happens to be one of my all time favourite dubstep cuts. His profile on the Soul Motive page says "Forsaken invests his music with a sense of cinematic glamour – beats and strings invoke widescreen visualisations of places past that few producers can match." Listening to his soul motive release with tracks like Last Saloon Swagger, you have to agree.

Give up hope - Forsaken

Taiko Riddim - Forsaken

Another producer I was delighted to see has given away a free bit is Nottingham's Epworth who has collaborated with Hackman to Produce Mrs D; a really busy funky bit with a cool soulful vibe and a matching female vocal sample in which both producers style and influences shine through nicely. Another Epworth bit that's really worth listening to is Love lost, Love found; I think my words would probably cheapen it, so just listen to it.

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