Friday, 18 February 2011

Tunes that popped up while I was at the pub

Last night while I was having a pint and killing everyone at pool (true story) these were uploaded to soundcloud. First up is moleskin favourite Mista Men with their bootleg of Magnetic Man and John Legend's Going Nowhere. Flipping the polished dubstep anthem into something rough and funky; classic Mista Men crushing sub bass pushes up on snatches of John Legend's original vocals and cut up twinkly xylophone hits. Mista Men are proving to be bootlegging champions with recent refixes of Drake and Gucci Mane both getting wide spread attention.

Next up is a bit from rising producer Resketch; an older effort, not that that makes any difference. Clean euphoric synths, riddled with pleading female vocals samples, ride a rolling bassline and a shuffling garage break. Watch out for more from this young producer who has a release out on Wicked Bass Records (is there anyone they haven't signed?) later this year.

Finally there's a tune from Duncan Powell, who flexes his creative muscles moving away from lighter 4x4 and lovelorn garage into deep, dark experimental 2 step. This one's pretty minimal, just essential elements; ethereal synths, sub and a clicky 2 step beat. Really great sense of space in this one, reminiscent of tracks from the transition between garage and dubstep in the early 00s. Duncan Powell's also got an album of 50 tracks coming out later this year, judging from his soundcloud this is going to be one to look out for.

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