Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Boddika is in a rich vein of production form, churning out tracks like nobody's business. Hotflush have just handed this one out to celebrate the release of a compilation out next week on both double CD and triple 12". The track is aptly named warehouse and is best played in one. Get on some dark late night techno vibes


The flyer says it all, see you on wednesday at wire

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fleet Foxes

One of the bands I still listen to, Fleet Foxes have a new album out in may. A quick internet search yielded this, which i think is rather charming


Still feeling the effects of last night I found this one on my itunes and it's gone part of the way to soothing my jangled brain. Lone's Emerald fantasy tracks still has me mesmerised with it's use of colour and sense of playfulness, so free tracks are always nice, especially when the original source material that is sampled is a classic. Lone samples a single note from the main lick of 90s classic Kinetic by Golden Girls before adding drum machines and layering in more ghostly melodies. Cop it below, mix with hangover and wait for effects to kick in. Watch out for Lone's new EP out on R&S on the 28th of march

Friday, 25 March 2011

Kookaburra EP

The french Get Flavours label continue their brilliant vein of releases with an EP from American producer Urulu. The EP pulls in influences and samples from all over the world and arranges them in a house template. The lead track, after which the EP is named, comes on like some weird voodoo bass; as if someone is playing house music live with a drum circle. Washing up, the most introvert of all the tracks on the EP, is a bit of understated, bubbling, progressive house, which manages to maintain all those tribal hits. Prince Club get a go at remixing it; flipping the light hearted bumbling house track into a tuffer jam, playing on the trancey stabs and vocal samples. The other remixes on the EP come from Neitee and Yeutta, who focus on the trumpets, playing down the witch docter vibe. Damu then steps up and morphs the original completely; pushing the chants and screeches to the back ground, circuit bent hooks and a chorus of arpeggiated electronic keys are brought in and thickened up with a big, resonant 808 bassline. Cop the Damu remix below and watch out for the entire package dropping on the 1st of april in all good digital outlets.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Deserved attention

This is a small collection of jams that I feel deserve a whole lot more attention than they are currently getting. Most of them are from people I've featured on here before (put that down to my brilliant taste in music haha, I kid. But seriously) Expect to see much more of them in the coming year.

Klic is a ridiculously talented producer, a quick look through his soundcloud and discography will show a brilliant depth, no matter what style of music he's making. Even his freebies are excellent (see here and here) This is a track coming out on wickedbass later this year; I wish everyone else used 808 kits this well.

Vessel is one of many talents coming out of Bristol's heaving electronic music scene, which may occasionally quiten down or morph, but will never die. Vessel's music is always interesting, utilising samples not many other people would think of (water moving through roots!?!?!?) He also co-runs the radio show Young Echo along with El Kid, Zhou and Kahn where they play an eclectic mix of music from Billie Holiday to Burial. This is my favourite track; perfectly blending his eclectic sampling taste with danceable rhythms, haunting melodies and bass.

Midik was the producer who provided us with our last mix, his taste in music is excellent. He has a great knack for picking out a great sample or synth sound, in fact all the synth work on his tracks are on point. His tracks are always perfectly in balance with just the right proportions to keep you going throughout the duration. A Smooth, simple synth line, with a brilliant groove focused bassline is the basis for the track I've chosen to showcase

Huerco S. is another producer who provided us with a mix. His productions range vastly in tempos fusing elements of jungle, acid, juke, garage and techno filling them with droning, cavern filling synths and doleful female vocals. The track I've chosen to host has slowly been creeping up my most played list on itunes, a single vocal sample looped and looped with a slow bumbling bassline and foot tapping percussion come together to give the slo-mo jackin head nodder that is no jack

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Aleks Zen

I've been following Aleks Zen for a hot minute now, he's got a lot going on on his soundcloud, but this is my favourite. A plethora of warm, swirling synths and a raw bassline give it that smoky late night feel while the progressive percussion propels us through the duration. This one's for all the deeper house movers and fans of recent Brackles productions. Keep your eyes peeled for Alek's Neon Bounty EP dropping soon.

BONUS - Imagine Joker making funky

Oil gang

Oil Gang coming correct again with three massive slabs of grime from next hype producer Darq E Freaker. The lead cut Cherryade, with it's sweet ice-cream van stabs playing off the harsher grime stabs, stands out by miles and has already done the rounds with various MCs. Vinyl drops next week with digital out on the 4th of May.

Monday, 21 March 2011


I got a lovely email in my inbox today from the nice people at Picture Music about their new release. Glasgow's Koreless has been slowly building up a bit of hype and has delivered a sterling release which nicely fits into Picture music's sound. Cosy synths, 808 bumps and chopped up pleading vocal samples are the ingredients which make up MTI and 4D; out today on digital and 12". As a deal clincher, picture music are giving out another Koreless original; the spacy, meloncholic, half time head nodder Maria. 


Friday, 18 March 2011


Expect big things from this anonymous production unit named Pusherman. A Quick thinking bit of PR led them to bootlegging sicko cell,  whipping up a storm of talk and rumours; the so called VIP/Remix was linked with  just about everyone in dubstep from Pinch to Funtcase. Also uploaded to their soundcloud today is a track called Donuts, showing a Kicks and Snares-esque approach to funky. Check'em both out and keep an eye out for more fyahhhh

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Princeton Radio Project

I think if there's one thing everyone can appreciate, it's good design. It isn't the first thing that pops into heads when you look at a poster or a product, but it's still there and a lot of time and effort goes into it. Princeton Radio Project is a new night run by Luckyme's own Respite; their music policy, which runs from Chicago House, Italo, Boogie, New Jack Swing, Disco, 80's trash and synth driven electronic music, is a welcome change of pace to Leeds. Their launch party is next tuesday (22nd of march and they've gone and booked Funkineven of Eglo records and Mamiko Motto who runs widely regarded Hepcat radio, both of whom will be making their Leeds debuts. Come jam with us at Distrikt (of Tool academy infamy) next tuesday, get on the facebook event for more details
While digging about on the facebook page I found this nice documentary following Alexander Nut, Fatima and Funkineven while record shopping and jamming

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Kode9 Essential Mix

What's the point in new in trying to be a DJ when Kode9 can produce mixes like this?  The new Kode9 material on show is sounding fresh, his album later this year is going to be a lot. Sit back and let 2 hours of bass music wash over you. Tracklisting after the jump

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Glastonbury emerging talent competition part 2

Going back 2 months I announced the rather exciting news that this blog had been chosen among 39 others, supposedly the top 40 in the uk, to help judge the glastonbury emerging talent contest, with the winner winning a slot on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury this year. Recently I, and all the other blogs, handed in our nominated acts chosen from a long list each blog was given. At the beginning of this week that long list of acts was published on the glastonbury website, here's a link

Luke.Envoy x Headhunter

Luke.Envoy is one of the older dubstep heads with releases on Tempa, Hotflush, Stretched and Wonderland records. It's been over a year, however, since anything new has been released. In the last 2 days 2 tracks have been upped to his soundcloud for free download; the noir-esque broken beat number Uptown and a collaboration with Headhunter, entitled Chaos Machine, bearing more techno influences. Decent free material from the established dubstep scene is given out infrequently so enjoy these ones. The collaboration with Headhunter is a muscly half stepper, with playful techno chords and some unrelenting drum programming. Uptown starts off with a gangster film clip and a smokey sax sample, evolving into a mad broken stepper. Cop'em both below and keep an eye out on Luke.Envoy's soundcloud in case he feels like giving away any more dubs

Monday, 7 March 2011


So everyone needs to ignore the awful flyer design and come down if you've got nothing else on tonight. Also Stinkys has the best smoking area I've seen. I've got a long set so busting out some vinyl especially. Wiiiiiine up

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lazy Sunday Jam

I woke up this morning feeling champion and this song has done nothing but lift my mood further. Magick Mountain's Plains is a pretty decent New York style dreamy house number. Physical Therapy's Praise mix can be described in no other way than a feel good sunday jam.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

It's been a long time...

...I shouldn't have left you without a strong beat to step to. Here's a bunch of tracks I've been meaning to post, I'll be better a posting this month (promise) Also keep an eye out on the next moleskin mix; it's a hooner

Housey stuff

Ghetto-techesque take. Expect to have the title in your head for days

With a new album out it looks like Round Table Knights are in for another big year

RnB stuff

Sometimes the best edits are the really simple ones; Kingdom ups the intensity on the original adding some unrelenting marching drums throughout
Tell me (kingdom edit) - Jacques greene

I kinda swear by Ciara so anything Ciara related is going to be a win, Femme En Fourrure strip shit back to clicks and bass and vocals. If the first minute don't make you lose your shit, nothing will.

I think I blogged this one earlier in the year, well now it's out and fo free. In my eyes the best claptrap bootleg, bump + grind shit. Big year for the man like Brey
Kiss me on the claptrap (Brey edited this shit) - Joe x Cassie

I got alerted to this one yesterday and already it's pushing it's way into my top played on itunes; Klaar utilising a plethora of 808 percussion nicely forming a dark bitter sweet steppers remix.

Garagey stuff

Treading the line between garage and break beat Mono.Mode comes with stepper, a must for fans of XXXY, older Joy Orb, etc.

Dubsteppy stuff

A few months ago, I posted the VIP of Superisk's Find your way, now a remix has surfaced from the latest Punch Drunk signing Kahn. IT IS RUUUUUUUUDE

XXXY is in fine form for his edit of How's to dress well's Ready for the world. Weaving rich electronic textures and bending them round the swinging steppy percussion. You can't really argue with free XXXY, especially in this current vein of production.

This next one is probably the most upfront dubstep tune I've ever posted; RSD's take on Evergreen & Landlord's is heads down, shoulder shrugging, dark room, dubstep.

Tropical sound

The line up says it all really, come jam next friday with the biggest and most diverse line up Leeds has seen in a little while. More info on the facebook page

As a small taster I'm uploading a special dub boy blend, one for all the dancehall heads. Wine yuh bumper