Thursday, 24 March 2011

Deserved attention

This is a small collection of jams that I feel deserve a whole lot more attention than they are currently getting. Most of them are from people I've featured on here before (put that down to my brilliant taste in music haha, I kid. But seriously) Expect to see much more of them in the coming year.

Klic is a ridiculously talented producer, a quick look through his soundcloud and discography will show a brilliant depth, no matter what style of music he's making. Even his freebies are excellent (see here and here) This is a track coming out on wickedbass later this year; I wish everyone else used 808 kits this well.

Vessel is one of many talents coming out of Bristol's heaving electronic music scene, which may occasionally quiten down or morph, but will never die. Vessel's music is always interesting, utilising samples not many other people would think of (water moving through roots!?!?!?) He also co-runs the radio show Young Echo along with El Kid, Zhou and Kahn where they play an eclectic mix of music from Billie Holiday to Burial. This is my favourite track; perfectly blending his eclectic sampling taste with danceable rhythms, haunting melodies and bass.

Midik was the producer who provided us with our last mix, his taste in music is excellent. He has a great knack for picking out a great sample or synth sound, in fact all the synth work on his tracks are on point. His tracks are always perfectly in balance with just the right proportions to keep you going throughout the duration. A Smooth, simple synth line, with a brilliant groove focused bassline is the basis for the track I've chosen to showcase

Huerco S. is another producer who provided us with a mix. His productions range vastly in tempos fusing elements of jungle, acid, juke, garage and techno filling them with droning, cavern filling synths and doleful female vocals. The track I've chosen to host has slowly been creeping up my most played list on itunes, a single vocal sample looped and looped with a slow bumbling bassline and foot tapping percussion come together to give the slo-mo jackin head nodder that is no jack

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