Saturday, 5 March 2011

It's been a long time...

...I shouldn't have left you without a strong beat to step to. Here's a bunch of tracks I've been meaning to post, I'll be better a posting this month (promise) Also keep an eye out on the next moleskin mix; it's a hooner

Housey stuff

Ghetto-techesque take. Expect to have the title in your head for days

With a new album out it looks like Round Table Knights are in for another big year

RnB stuff

Sometimes the best edits are the really simple ones; Kingdom ups the intensity on the original adding some unrelenting marching drums throughout
Tell me (kingdom edit) - Jacques greene

I kinda swear by Ciara so anything Ciara related is going to be a win, Femme En Fourrure strip shit back to clicks and bass and vocals. If the first minute don't make you lose your shit, nothing will.

I think I blogged this one earlier in the year, well now it's out and fo free. In my eyes the best claptrap bootleg, bump + grind shit. Big year for the man like Brey
Kiss me on the claptrap (Brey edited this shit) - Joe x Cassie

I got alerted to this one yesterday and already it's pushing it's way into my top played on itunes; Klaar utilising a plethora of 808 percussion nicely forming a dark bitter sweet steppers remix.

Garagey stuff

Treading the line between garage and break beat Mono.Mode comes with stepper, a must for fans of XXXY, older Joy Orb, etc.

Dubsteppy stuff

A few months ago, I posted the VIP of Superisk's Find your way, now a remix has surfaced from the latest Punch Drunk signing Kahn. IT IS RUUUUUUUUDE

XXXY is in fine form for his edit of How's to dress well's Ready for the world. Weaving rich electronic textures and bending them round the swinging steppy percussion. You can't really argue with free XXXY, especially in this current vein of production.

This next one is probably the most upfront dubstep tune I've ever posted; RSD's take on Evergreen & Landlord's is heads down, shoulder shrugging, dark room, dubstep.

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