Friday, 25 March 2011

Kookaburra EP

The french Get Flavours label continue their brilliant vein of releases with an EP from American producer Urulu. The EP pulls in influences and samples from all over the world and arranges them in a house template. The lead track, after which the EP is named, comes on like some weird voodoo bass; as if someone is playing house music live with a drum circle. Washing up, the most introvert of all the tracks on the EP, is a bit of understated, bubbling, progressive house, which manages to maintain all those tribal hits. Prince Club get a go at remixing it; flipping the light hearted bumbling house track into a tuffer jam, playing on the trancey stabs and vocal samples. The other remixes on the EP come from Neitee and Yeutta, who focus on the trumpets, playing down the witch docter vibe. Damu then steps up and morphs the original completely; pushing the chants and screeches to the back ground, circuit bent hooks and a chorus of arpeggiated electronic keys are brought in and thickened up with a big, resonant 808 bassline. Cop the Damu remix below and watch out for the entire package dropping on the 1st of april in all good digital outlets.

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