Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bok Jam

Jam City is one of my favourite producers at the moment, thanks to a few sterling originals (if you haven't heard in the park go do it now) and remixes. Bok Bok really doesn't need an intro.  Essentially the two have joined forces (as Bok Jam, no less) and created something really unique sounding. It's a half time bump + grinder and it's got that droney Jam City sound, a few nods to RnB and a fuck load of bass and comes off like a night slugs track from the 80s. To be honest, reading the interview Jam City did with Fact in late 2009, a track with heavy 80s influences comes as no surprise. Cop the track below and watch out for more Bok Jams (see what I did there?)


  1. wow cheers for the link, also two of my favorite producers right now!

  2. you are a bit late for April Fool's mate. anyway i love this tune (even if it's a fucking joke)

  3. Not sure how it's an april fools?
    Still sounds quite a bit like the two of them.