Saturday, 9 April 2011

I love Pulse X

I wasn't in the country around the time grime rose to prominence. Even when my friend even tried to show me Dizzee Rascal (jus' a rascal - meh) when I lived in Germany I thought it was pretty rubbish . My introduction to grime came later when another friend gave me I love U (which is still on my MP3 player 3 years on). Last year I had another big awakening to grime with Spooky's Spartan, since then I've found myself listening to more and more of the stuff. I've just done an hours hunt on discogs, in which I came across this; Musical Mob's anthemic Pulse mashed up with Dizzee Rascal's equally anthemic I luv U. The result is fucked man. Check out the low quality rip below (for those who can't afford to spill the 20 quid it costs to buy the white label) 

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