Saturday, 27 August 2011

Jaaaaaam hot

I've been playing this for a minute now and just saw that Xlr8r are handing it out free; Jam City reinvent's "art-pop" band Beaty Heart's 2 good into something sparse and icy. Combining ballad keys, eski style clicks and pops with grime's icey bass stabs, creating something of a slow jam that would have everyone waving their arms on top of the pops.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Another narcissistic post

Yesterday I finished my first solo track that I was happy with, y'all can listen to it right hurr. On another note I finally got round to getting a twitter account, Holla at your boy 


I've had my eyes and ears on Presk for a little while now and after a couple months hounding, last week he handed me this, little did I know that the next day it was given away free by Fact. Nevermind, eh? Muggy couples nicely swung drums, some dubby techno chords, warm pads and a rolling bassline. Kind of like garage byway of Berlin. Presk's also just had a 2 track 12" out on 4th wave which you can pick up here. Cop the track below and watch out for Presk's release on Ten Thousand Yen, which you can preview here.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

On point in Detroit

Having watched umpteen billion documentaries on Bristol's music scene, RA's Real Scenes documentary on Bristol didn't really interest me that much, shot nicely but nothing new. Their latest offering, however, gives a really nice insight into the scene in Detroit, or the lack of. I think it's very interesting that for a city with such a rich musical heritage, there isn't really a central focus point (night/record store) Well shot and insightful; stick tut kettle on, settle down and watch this (It looks real nice in full screen. Jus sayin)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Guilt tripping

Got these through my soundcloud inbox from a shady source, word on the street is that these are made by an established producer under an alter ego. The two disco tinged offerings below are patient builders steeped in catchy melodies and pretty giant basslines. The can't stop edit strips back the original to a few samples lovingly worked alongside some shimmering synth work and a pretty bulbous bassline. The Even after all edit is a slow burning summery affair looping a portion of the original guitar riff and small vocal cuts. Keep checking back on Guilt trip's soundcloud for more edits throughout the summer.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

July top 10

It's been a while since I've done one of these but a spate of recent gigs has forced me to show a bit of love for some tracks I've been bumping recently

1. That's the truth - Casino Times (big ups to Ali for the heads up) [Sccucci Manucci]
2. Intro Track - KRL [Wolf Music]
3. 112 - El Kid [Immerse records]
4. Vancouver (Hackman edit) - Martyn
5. Knuck if you Buck (Clicks and Whistles Bootyleg) - Crime Mob
6. Charisma Theme - Bok Bok [Night Slugs]
7. These R the sounds - Ultrasound [forthcoming Well rounded housing project]
8. Feel - Nightwave [Svetlana Industries]
9. The Force (PBR Streetgang remix) - Christophe [Futureboogie recordings]
10. Can't stop (Guilt Trip edit) - Lindstrøm & Christabelle

Friday, 5 August 2011


Good friend's of ours in the Wickedbass camp seem to be going from strength to strength with each new EP, so it's no surprise that their 4th release is a killer. Up steps Intreau with his anthem Alpha (recently included in Slackk's fact mix), backed with remixes from Sentel, Bowly and Skinnybones. Alpha is a bruk slice of ice cold funky complete with ominous stabs and distorted and chopped vocal samples, forced forward with a driving bassline. Of the remixes, the pick of the bunch (our favourite anyway) is Bowly's sinister electromagnetic remix, which is ridiculously intense. To celebrate the release this bonus remix has been handed out, Space Ladies' track is recognisable as a remix only by a few choice samples from the original moulded into place over a half time 808 rhythm. The release drops on the 12th of september so keep your eyes peeled for that

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Naive Machine

On the 15th of this month Hit and Hope are unleashing Naive Machine's 2nd EP, Robot Ramification. The EP has already received support from Simbad, Bobby Friction (BBC), Oneman, Seb Chew, James Fox and Randomer as well as Kutmah who included Afrika on the 2nd volume of the New Error CD. The record is a real blend of hip hop and 8 bit wizardry; from the aggressive glitch assault in Tiltin ova, to the lush shimmering pads on Call of the wild (blah blah blah Hudmo comparison) to Afrika that nicely straddles the inbetween ground. Om unit re-interprets Afrika, in his remix, as a 6 minute, chugging house epic sampling fragments of synth lines and patiently layering them all together before deconstructing again. The title track is the soundtrack to a montage of epic final level boss battles; slowly buidling in intensity as the battle gets harder and harder. The 6 track 12" is out on the 15th of august with the digital following on the 4th of september, which includes remixes by Virtual Boy, KRSUR, Pixelord, Pete Cannon and Jon Phonics. As a little taster I'm throwing in Naive Machine's Ghostbuster inspired track Busting the Ghosts, taken from his excellent beat tape basket bass (available here)

A narcissistic post

I've well and truly been bitten by the production bug. Whereas 6 months ago I could very happily spend an hour blogging, that time is now consumed by Logic. Thought I'd give you a guys a heads up as to where I am. Later on this year, me and the man like Elkat have got a 12" coming out on Hit and Hope records. It'll be backed up with remixes from Optimum and Donga & Blake, both of which are fucking silly. A little later on there will be a digital release with an exclusive remix from Naive Machine. You can hear the original of Hurt on my soundcloud of which the B side is on Elkat's soundcloud. Hurt recently made an appearance in Fact Mag in JTRP's Fact mix, you can check that here. Another one of my co-productions, this one made with Pasteman, made it into DJ mag, more specifically, Deep house don KRL's DJ mag podcast, that you can check here. That one will be coming out later on in 2011 on a compilation EP. More regular posts to come.