Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Naive Machine

On the 15th of this month Hit and Hope are unleashing Naive Machine's 2nd EP, Robot Ramification. The EP has already received support from Simbad, Bobby Friction (BBC), Oneman, Seb Chew, James Fox and Randomer as well as Kutmah who included Afrika on the 2nd volume of the New Error CD. The record is a real blend of hip hop and 8 bit wizardry; from the aggressive glitch assault in Tiltin ova, to the lush shimmering pads on Call of the wild (blah blah blah Hudmo comparison) to Afrika that nicely straddles the inbetween ground. Om unit re-interprets Afrika, in his remix, as a 6 minute, chugging house epic sampling fragments of synth lines and patiently layering them all together before deconstructing again. The title track is the soundtrack to a montage of epic final level boss battles; slowly buidling in intensity as the battle gets harder and harder. The 6 track 12" is out on the 15th of august with the digital following on the 4th of september, which includes remixes by Virtual Boy, KRSUR, Pixelord, Pete Cannon and Jon Phonics. As a little taster I'm throwing in Naive Machine's Ghostbuster inspired track Busting the Ghosts, taken from his excellent beat tape basket bass (available here)

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