Friday, 23 September 2011


I'd just like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone that's read my poorly written prose over the last year; this blog turns one on sunday. Many more thanks go to all the labels who've put me on their promo lists and the artists who have done mixes (out to all those who did one and I never posted them - it's not you it's me) Big ups to everyone who's stuck me on their blog roll, it means a lot! Thanks to everyone who's got in touch through my email address, shitty indie bands excluded, I do listen to everything I get sent and most of it's been sick. So send me more! Get at me on my soundcloud/twitter or email (to the right)

So, this next year, what to expect? Well at some point there'll be a wee free 3 track EP from myself and Pasteman. I'd like to do a free various artists EP featuring people I've pushed this last year, we'll see how that works out. You can expect more Ustream's though. I'll be running regular sessions, featuring special guests, blah blah blah. I'm also still writing for inhabit online (check the review of the sully album - I dun that one), they've just had a swanky overhaul which you should go check. If you're a Leeds dweller, there's been talk of a night for some time, so expect something to happen in 2012. otherwise get in contact and swim by for a mix anyway.

Finally shouts go out to Elkat who built the mix artwork, James at Get down or die for the title graphic, John from Glastonbury for choosing my blog for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Contest, Ash and Sally over at Inhabit, All the BRSS crew for pushing me to where I am now.

Big ups one and all

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