Thursday, 24 February 2011

Tunnidge exhibiton tonight

Lava gallery are on it with their exhibitions! Following on from the drumz of the south exhibition, tonight is the opening night for Deep Medi artist and producer Tunnidge exhibiting his artwork for the label. The iconic Deep Medi heads artist will be exhibiting and selling some original pieces along with prints. The exhibit runs for one week; so for a slice of dubstep history get down to the Lava gallery in Kingly court on Carnaby street. Also of interest is the after party at Rhythm Factory with Tunnidge, Loefah, Vivek, Youngsta, Cyrus B2B Darkstar (garage set) and Hijak (jungle set). Entrance is free but it is advised to turn up early, or to guarantee entry, RSVP to this email address 

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Midik Moleskin Mix 003

Bit of a gap from the last one, but totally worth it; for the third instalment in the series we've got american producer Midik bringing us a really unique 50 minute house and techno mix; pick up your laptop, Go sit next to the radiator, jam your head phones in and jus vyyyybe. I caught up with the man himself a few days before new years jus to see what he was sayin.

Who are you?

My name is James Kerley, I'm 30 years old, and I work as a web designer on the weekly 9-5 tip. My favorite color is red, but I gravitate to the color blue.  I’m a bit of a paradox.

How did you get into production; any influences?
I played guitar in a band in high school, started DJing in college, and then started tinkering around making edits of tracks on my computer a little later on.  It was a natural progression.  The biggest influence has always been my friends.  I think I’m just secretly trying to impress them. I grew up listening to everything from Tool to Jurassic 5 to Derrick Carter to Elvis.  Sometimes these influences come out in tracks I write, sometimes they don’t. Plus I just love music…all kinds, all the time. 

Can you describe your sound?
It’s a combination of a lot of things I suppose. It’s really random to be honest.

How much of a role has the internet played in the development of your sound?
It’s played a much bigger role this past year.  Since moving to a new town and not getting out as much, I tend to lurk around Soundcloud, blogs, and chat with friends online a lot more.  The internet has been my only real connection to the music world for the last 12 months.  It’s been a good thing I think.  Plus, I’ve made some really good friends.  People I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise.

Is there much of a scene where you live?
I just moved to Jacksonville, FL this past year, but Lexington, KY was home for 12 years before the move.  The scene in Lexington is small but the talent pool is deep as far as producers and DJs.  It’s an interesting place with unique dynamics I think. 
As for Jacksonville's scene...I don't know really.  I haven't gotten out much since I’ve been here and when I have it hasn't been to parties.  I've heard a few whispers about a party here or there, but haven't really made much of an effort to get involved. At the moment I'm pretty happy writing tunes and quietly doing my own thing at home.

Is there anyone you work with?
Nope, it’s just me.  I've talked to a few people about collaborations here in the states and in the UK.  It’s been pretty casual conversations thus far so we'll see what happens in the coming year.  Hopefully a few of them will pan out.    

Anything forthcoming/more productions?
There are a few things in the works for releases. Production wise, I'm always working on new tracks and revamping old ones. They'll be popping up on my Soundcloud page as I finish them up in the coming weeks and months.
Can you talk us through the mix a little; why you chose certain tracks, etc?
Sure.  The mix is based around tunes I've really been feeling this past year, a couple of my own tracks, a track or two from my past, and a few donated dubs/forthcoming tracks from some friends. Its my home team mix; me, Tommy (Mil-yoo), and Matt BandyIt's just tracks I enjoy listening to and that my girlfriend and I dance all silly to at home.

Anyone you're really into right now?
Yeah, lots of people.  To name a few:  The Refinery, Cosmin TRG, Jack Dixion, Sepalcure, Vessel, Milyoo, Hackman, Move D, James Fox....the list could go on and on. There's just so much good music out there at the moment.  I feel like I’m on good music overload, and I love it.

Anyone you think we should look out for?
I have a feeling this James Blake guy might get popular (kidding).

Plans for 2011?
Yeah, 2011 will bring some big changes outside of music.  Have plans to move to another state next summer; try to find a new job, new place to live, and everything that entails.  It’s exciting and stressful, but it’s a positive thing.  Music wise I plan to just keep writing tunes and hopefully release a couple in the coming year.  Really want to thank you guys for hosting the mix, I hope you enjoy it.  Happy New Year!

Check out the mix and if you like it (why wouldn't you) there's a download link at the bottom as well as a track Midik has made free to download; touch is a dreamy laidback stepper of a tune, which tragically never got fully completed due to a hard drive crash. Also worth checking are the deeper house flavours in the brilliant Koh Sa, complete with a cacophony of pitched vocals and a very playful bassline.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Tunes that popped up while I was at the pub

Last night while I was having a pint and killing everyone at pool (true story) these were uploaded to soundcloud. First up is moleskin favourite Mista Men with their bootleg of Magnetic Man and John Legend's Going Nowhere. Flipping the polished dubstep anthem into something rough and funky; classic Mista Men crushing sub bass pushes up on snatches of John Legend's original vocals and cut up twinkly xylophone hits. Mista Men are proving to be bootlegging champions with recent refixes of Drake and Gucci Mane both getting wide spread attention.

Next up is a bit from rising producer Resketch; an older effort, not that that makes any difference. Clean euphoric synths, riddled with pleading female vocals samples, ride a rolling bassline and a shuffling garage break. Watch out for more from this young producer who has a release out on Wicked Bass Records (is there anyone they haven't signed?) later this year.

Finally there's a tune from Duncan Powell, who flexes his creative muscles moving away from lighter 4x4 and lovelorn garage into deep, dark experimental 2 step. This one's pretty minimal, just essential elements; ethereal synths, sub and a clicky 2 step beat. Really great sense of space in this one, reminiscent of tracks from the transition between garage and dubstep in the early 00s. Duncan Powell's also got an album of 50 tracks coming out later this year, judging from his soundcloud this is going to be one to look out for.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Big room bits

Some tracks you seem to wait an eternity for; this is one of those tracks. Dubbel Dutch's remix of Villalobos for presidente, originally by Yolanda be cool (their best song by the way) adds some soca flavoured bounce and some clean sub bass hums, which on top of that catchy flute hook is guaranteed to destroy any dance floor. Thanks must be given to the fader for pursuading Marc D for handing this one out... BIG TINGS

Another big bit comes from the man like Intreau with his remix of Out of tune's Cash and Heart. There's a big ol' free remix package, but once you've heard this one none of the others really stand up. It's got big juke style kicks and snappy percussion that come with inordinate amounts of rumbling sub (all about the break down at 2:05). Watch out for more from Intreau who has a release on the ever correct Wickedbass Recs. sometime in spring.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Tis is a post that has been a long time coming. I met one half of Zhou at a party sometime a few years ago, it wasn't till much later that I discovered he made music and a little after that that I realised the music that these guys were making was much better than most of dubstep I'd been listening to. I think one of the things I really like about Zhou is that they've managed to incorporate dub and reggae influences (check out Jogi and Memories) in a way that isn't boring and that doesn't compromise their own sound. Another big selling point is their brilliant collaborations with female vocalist Boesha which yielded the brilliant track Prayer; a clicky heartfelt half-stepper. Today I've got another track made with Boesha to give away called Lost; an ethereal haunting affair with Boesha's vocal tones matching the vibe of the track nicely. As a bonus there's 2 more freebies; the eastern influenced affair that is Crawl and also my favourite Zhou track, apotheke, remixed by Vessels. Zhou also had an excellent release out late last year on Bristolian label A future without which you should promptly go buy. If you've liked what you've heard, Zhou will be playing on Young Echo radio along with fellow young echo members Vessels, El Kid and recent Punch Drunk signing Kahn next sunday. More info and listening link here

Friday, 11 February 2011


Look at this geezer. He goes by the name of Duct and makes slick atmospheric syncopated beats. He caught my attention first with LDN to BCN with it's soft pads and chunky bumbling bassline. Today he's uploaded another tune with a similar aesthetic; odd idm noises slowly fade way to a garage beat, a bucketful of sub and a pinch of soul. Get both tunes below and check out his soundcloud where he's made all his tracks free to download. Get to it!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Former Red Bull Music Academy student (2006; the same class as Fatima, Jamie Woon and Goldielocks) and one of my personal favourite beats producers, Pursuit Grooves, is releasing another album next month with fellow producer Pro-Ef under the guise of GuSHee. Her last album Foxtrot Mannerisms was the first non dubstep record to be released on Pinch's Tectonic label and it was a bit of a golden one. Diverse tempos and sound textures were coupled with an eclectic mix of samples and the occasional use of her own soulful vocals (check out Pressure) making it a very personal release. The new release is more of the same; 8 tracks of space age soul and trip hop lined up next to blissed out beats and vocal tracks mixed with equal amounts of love and bump. The album drops 8th of march on Otnorot Recordings so keep an eye out for it

Thursday, 3 February 2011

New tings deh

Scratcha DVA continues to run his label, DVA music, with another excellent release; this time it's 2 cuts from Shy One and remixes from T Williams and Numan. The original Shy One tunes are both filled with a great variation of multi coloured synths; Decaffeinated Love, the more introvert of the two, focuses on some soft keys and quick successions of joker-esque synths. While Untitled 9 (My favourite of the two) has arpeggiated chimes and an accordion. The remixes bring a variation to the release; Numan comes with a straight garagey bit playing on some grimey synths, while T Williams gives comfortable a darker funky rerub. One of the tags under the soundcloud player is "wierd dub stuff" think that aptly sums the release up .

Whilst on soundcloud this morning I saw that Forsaken has uploaded a free tune from the 2009 vaults; Give up Hope is a moody halfstepper with creepy samples and ominous bass tones. Forsaken is someone that doesn't get nearly as much kudos as he should; one of the bristol scene front runners he also co runs the excellent soul motive label. One of his tracks, Taiko riddim, also happens to be one of my all time favourite dubstep cuts. His profile on the Soul Motive page says "Forsaken invests his music with a sense of cinematic glamour – beats and strings invoke widescreen visualisations of places past that few producers can match." Listening to his soul motive release with tracks like Last Saloon Swagger, you have to agree.

Give up hope - Forsaken

Taiko Riddim - Forsaken

Another producer I was delighted to see has given away a free bit is Nottingham's Epworth who has collaborated with Hackman to Produce Mrs D; a really busy funky bit with a cool soulful vibe and a matching female vocal sample in which both producers style and influences shine through nicely. Another Epworth bit that's really worth listening to is Love lost, Love found; I think my words would probably cheapen it, so just listen to it.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


E'ryone's handing out Maaaaad EPs and mixtapes today son! Mad Decent are handing out the 2nd Gucci remixed mixtape and it's the burrrrtish edition. Blunted Robots, meanwhile, are celebrating their new website by handing out the Mickey Carboot EP packed with Mickey Pearce, Shortstuff's alter ego,  bootlegs that received a rinsin last year. Apparently Mickey's been on the rob, abusing the work of people more fortunate than himself and passing it off as his own. Tracks like What's Mickey talking about, a bootleg of Redlight and Ms Dynamite's what you talking about and Mickey is dead; the bootleg of Tempz and Jme's CD is dead, are on the release. As a bonus there's the Shower Mickey track, a grimey bashy take on the showa eski riddim by Wiley, which doesn't seem to be on the free download (wahhh) Head on over the the Blunted Robots website and sign up to their mailing list to unlock the free shit.

As for the 2nd Gucci mixtape, this time around Sinden is trying to keep the Queen happy by putting all the remix work to his British homies. There are strong remix performances from Sinden, Scratcha DVA,  Swerve, Toddla T, Terror Danjah, Mista Men and Mosca. It's nice to see that UK Vocalists have also been included with excellent vocal work out from Estelle, Wiley, Trigga Nom, Slick Don, Tinchy Stryder (I know right?) and Dream Mclean. In terms of all round sound Terror Danjah and Mista Men's refixes stand out, with the big bars sprayed over the big bass bumps from Wiley and Dream McLean sounding really fresh on Terror Danjah's mix. While Mista Men's version of Haterade brings in the original vocals, letting them ride along with the crushing bass. 100% summer anthem. Download my faves below or head on over to the Mad Decent website and sign up to their mailing list to git all them tracks! According to my blogger account I'm not allowed to post the mista men rerub, even though it is completely legal to - the remixes were all commissioned with official stems handed out. Instead you can go here and download it

Gucci Time (Feat. Swizz Beats) (Sinden Remix Feat. Tinchy Stryder)
Brand New (Rustie Remix)
Party Animal (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
It’s Alive (Feat. Swizz Beats) (FunkinEven Remix)
Remember When (Feat. Ray J) (Terror Danjah Remix Feat. Wiley & Dream Mclean)
O Dog (Feat. Wyclef) (Mosca Remix Feat. Trigga Nom)
Weirdo (DJ Swerve Remix Feat. Ghetts)
Trap Talk (Toddla T Remix Feat. Slick Don)
Dollar Sign (Duke Dumont Remix)
Missing (Melé Remix)
What It’s Gonna Be (Scratcha DVA Remix) (Dub)
Grown Man (Feat. Estelle) (Rude Kid Remix)
It’s Alive (Feat. Swizz Beats) (The Blessings Remix)
Dollar Sign (These New Puritans Remix)
Haterade (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell) (Mista Men Remix)
It’s Alive (Feat. Swizz Beats) (FunkinEven Remix) (Instrumental)

Another excellent Kingdom freebie

This blog is quickly becoming a posting ground for Kingdom freebies, to be fair I'm not complaining, so far they've all been excellent. This time Kingdom takes 90 hit I don't know by Blackbox and strips back the cheese to the diva vocals, giving them the attention they crave. This is nicely coupled with some classic Kingdom synths and a bumpy 150bpm beat. This is an essential for all the heads that picked up the mind reader/you release back at the beginning of last year. As a bonus I'm chucking in another favourite Kingdom freebie; his refix of Silkie and No lay's Unorthadox daughter; a big grimey funky bit.