Friday, 23 September 2011


I'd just like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone that's read my poorly written prose over the last year; this blog turns one on sunday. Many more thanks go to all the labels who've put me on their promo lists and the artists who have done mixes (out to all those who did one and I never posted them - it's not you it's me) Big ups to everyone who's stuck me on their blog roll, it means a lot! Thanks to everyone who's got in touch through my email address, shitty indie bands excluded, I do listen to everything I get sent and most of it's been sick. So send me more! Get at me on my soundcloud/twitter or email (to the right)

So, this next year, what to expect? Well at some point there'll be a wee free 3 track EP from myself and Pasteman. I'd like to do a free various artists EP featuring people I've pushed this last year, we'll see how that works out. You can expect more Ustream's though. I'll be running regular sessions, featuring special guests, blah blah blah. I'm also still writing for inhabit online (check the review of the sully album - I dun that one), they've just had a swanky overhaul which you should go check. If you're a Leeds dweller, there's been talk of a night for some time, so expect something to happen in 2012. otherwise get in contact and swim by for a mix anyway.

Finally shouts go out to Elkat who built the mix artwork, James at Get down or die for the title graphic, John from Glastonbury for choosing my blog for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Contest, Ash and Sally over at Inhabit, All the BRSS crew for pushing me to where I am now.

Big ups one and all

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I am Butterz

The new butterz zip came out on tuesday, and it's more of the same from the butterz camp; a few remixes, an acapella or two and a whole bunch of sick tracks. This is my favourite; Kid Simpl shifting moods, taking it down a few notches with his rolling, moody remix of I am by Trim. It takes a few listens to adjust to the change of pace, but afterwards you just want it on repeat. Cop it below and get on the rest of the zip here

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Adventures in Belin

Just watched the latest real scenes episode from RA on Berlin and it's brilliant. Again nicely shot and soundtracked, Berlin looks like such an adventure! Sit back, hit fullscreen and take 20.

Something from me

Rather delicately, I'm putting this edit I've done up for free download, I think I've played and tweaked with it enough now. You should also check out the original by Mono/Poly and the remix by Devonwho, both of which are sterling, with the Devonwho remix being one of my favourite trax from last year. If you like what you hear you can also follow me on soundcloud here

A schmorgasboard of sound

I've been meaning to do a write up about this label for a minute now. Very few labels excite me as much as Schmorgasbord does, with each release sounding fresh and different. Coming from Bristol and pushing a sound that lies somewhere in the fuzzy nether-regions of where 4/4 and broken beat meet. Each release sees "two distinctly different artists (from different rhythmic disciplines) being hand-picked by the label to fuse their sounds and see what the resulting music is", with the first release seeing Appleblim and October amalgamating their musical backgrounds to create a duo of killer collaborations. The record opens with the dancefloor bomb, NY FIZZZZZ which is a tip of the cap to New York house circa the early 90s, combining some really tuff jacking drums, swelling pads, airy chords and a punchy bassline. Fountains of Paradise on the flip, heads out into space, taking the form of a blissed out half steppa with a growling bassline, some dubby percussion and some heavy 80s synth work.

NY FIZZZZZ - Appleblim & October

More Recently, Schmorgasbord have returned with a 4 track release from Infrasonics main-man Spatial and German house/techno freak S-Max. The EP is made up of two original tracks from both of the respective producers who then flip and remix the others work. S-Max kicks things off with Ms. Rosen Dub a nicely swung techno joint with plenty of eerie atmospherics. Spatial lightens the mood and strengthens the track with some massive kicks in his version. Over on the other side Spatial brings his original, Corti to the fore. Corti is a 2-stepish track bristling with energy and drums, which never stops changing and pushing forward. S-max tidies up with his version restraining the percussive elements while keeping the broken template (almost moving into hardcore territory) and letting the synths and bassline shine through a little more.

Both releases are available in digital and vinyl formats (here), although a bit of searching maybe required if you want the first release on vinyl as it's all sold out on boomkat. Keep an eye out for the third release coming soon.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

August Top Ten

1.Glow - Lunice (Luckyme)
2. Hurt (Donga & Blake remix) - Elkat & Moleskin (Forthcoming Hit and Hope)
3. Bonafide - Sully (Forthcoming Keysound Recordings)
4. Cuba - Vessel (forthcoming A Future Without)
5. Rooted - Locked Groove
6. Reach out - LDM (unreleased)
7. Nightlight - Ratcatcher
8. I am - Trim (Butterz)
9. Call of the Wild - Naive machine (Hit and Hope)
10. What it do - Mak & Pasteman (forthcoming Hot & Heavy)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Fruit of Kinky's loin

This EP has been a long time coming; I first heard Flowerz around a year ago, sat in Kinky Leighton's home studio going through beats he was working on, and it instantly stood out. A glitched out melody leads the track out, propelled by a really energetic drum break and a cheeky dutch lead. LOL Boys take the track on a 70s synth adventure with their brooding remix. On the flip side Fruit Fall is a late night burner; jacking drums, lush pads and an off kilter lead. Sevenfire up the energy levels, with a heavy synth work out adding a syncopated break and a beefed up bassline. Support for the EP has already come in from Noob, Nick Catchdubs, Homework, Blaze Tripp, Mikix The Cat, Teki Latex. Go cop the EP and if you ever get a chance to see Kinky Leighton play, don't pass it up, we still rate him in our top 5 DJs.

On my mind; Casino Times

The last Casino Times track I was given, grew slowly on me until it made the top of my chart for july, so it was a nice surprise to see a new EP preview pop up on my soundcloud. The Ep is full of light shimmering synth lines, euphoric build ups and fist pumping drops. It also comes backed up with remixes from Frank Rodas who pumps up the energy with an acid injection to the title track, and Christoph Andersson who goes the opposite direction, turning Laughing Gas into a slow burning vocal RnB track. To celebrate the new release, Casino Times have made a track not on the EP available to download; On my Mind, made up of soft vocal samples and euphoric stabs. Watch out for the EP dropping on the 26th of september through Anchor Factory.