Monday, 28 November 2011


Ratcatcher's slowly been making a decent name for himself, he's just had a release out earlier this month via Cardiff's own Catapult records which owes much to the blurred region between house and garage. The release opens up with the late night, sparseness of Bubbledub propelled by some pounding 808 programming. The flipside, however, is where the gold lies. Nightlife is a brilliant shuffling cut that is practically impossible to sit still to, those who have heard me DJ recently will know that it's been a staple of my sets. To celebrate the release, Ratcatcher has made these three tracks available fo'free on his soundcloud. Owing slightly more to a current vein of house music emanating from the UK, but in-keeping with a Ratcatcher sound (plus this guys got Toms for days and days) cop'em all off the player below.