Saturday, 4 February 2012

Young echo guest mix

A little while ago I was invented to do a guest mix for the Young Echo collective. If you don't know about these guys, here's a little feature that the BBC did on them. I've upped the mix to soundcloud so if you missed the show you can download it. The full show, also featuring a live mix from Hyetal, can be downloaded here. Enjoy

Shut the lights off (devil mix) - Jam City (Night Slugs)
Prinzif_ruff_ rub - Huerco s. (CDR)
Big Boss theme - South London Ordinance (CDR)
Wax Dance 2 - Vessel (A Future Without)
Ren_live_demo - Huerco S. (CDR)
Don't' be Offended - Skips (CDR)
Kaleidoscope - Crystal Beach (CDR)
Hoobangin '96 (Blue Wrangler Sport) - Napolian (Beer on the Rug)
Ecco Riddim - Moleskin (CDR)
Crude Speculation - Bok Bok & Jam City
Satis House (rough slow mix) - Moleskin (CDR)
You're always on my mind - Huerco S.

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