Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Young Love/Heartbreak volume 2

This just popped up on my twitter home page and to date MORRI$ hasn't really ever put a foot wrong so I knew I was on to a winner. Young Love/Heartbreak volume 2 is a 4 track split EP between MORRI$ and Sweater Beats coming on special for valentines day (I'm a day late cuz I was busy seeing your girl). MORRI$' contributions are chopped and screwed remixes of Same gvrl (by Usher and R Kelly) and Differvnt Girl (by Soulja Boy) given a little twinkly dose of MORRI$ magic. Differvnt girl is the pick of the two, playing around with with the original before easing the vocals into the reverb chamber. I gotta say though Sweater Beats truly kills it with his half; Anxious (remix of the Ginuwine jam of the same name) and Remember (Michael Jackson), are both warm sensual heaters, all swirly synths and loved up arps. The release is free so get at it below and judge for yourself.

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