Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Kony 2012

This is non music related, but something I feel, especially in 2012 when there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of peace and good will around, that is important. This is something we can stop.

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Edit: there's a lot of speculation going around about this, I'm leaving it up, but people should do their own research into it.

Get Flavor comp.

I slept on this one a lil, but Get Flavor released a compilation about a month ago. Phutur Ba$e is easily one of the best things they've put out, not at all focussed on 4 x 4, but expanded into the broken territory of trap and hip hop. Just like any compilation, it's not all killer, but there are some excellent contributions from Look Like, Meati, Dose (check the video for his track hurr) and Brent Still Life. The pick of the litter however is a track from Tom Richman of Team Bear Club; 92 Hardcore bumps proper, there's an authenticity about the track, this isn't a one off track for a compilation, this is what Tom duz. From the pitched vocal cuts and low slung 808s right up to the poppy piano keys this track is a cut above. The compilation is out now in all the usuals joints.