Saturday, 29 March 2014


The last 6 months I've been getting back in touch with music that's coming out of Africa (we have some exciting things to show you on Goon Club Allstars this year) granted after my initial exposure to Kwaito and afro house I really slept on everything coming out of Africa for 2 years. Thankfully Gerv from LV was on hand to point a helping hand, big up Neana & Strict Face for a couple things too. After listening to Jam City's Earthly II mix I am completely besotted with Guru; above is my favourite track. Also (still recovering from our Goon Club Allstars night at Lightbox last night but) if you ever get the chance to go see Jam City play, do it - excellent DJ from start to finish. Big up you if you came down to dance with us as well.